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Nourish A Life Water Filtration Solutions

Did you know San Diego’s water can contain harmful chemicals like arsenic and chromium-six? San Diego’s own Nourish A Life appeared on The Home Pro Show to teach you how to protect yourself and your family.

Ditch the disposable water bottle
Most people know that the human body is made of about 75 percent water, and in trying to keep hydrated, bottled water has become extremely popular. But bottled water isn’t great for a number of reasons, most notably the bottle. Single-serving water bottles are made of plastic, which is made of oils. Bob Neely, CEO of Nourish A Life, explains, “When the temperature reaches just 80 degrees, the oil starts melting – it’s called leaching – into the water.” Overtime, people who consume water that’s been exposed to leaching on a regular basis have a 65-70 percent greater chance of getting cancer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in direct sunlight or not, as soon as plastic water bottles reach room temperature, the leaching process beings.

There are four main sources of water: untreated, which is deadly; treated, which can be deadly over time; bottled water, which is not good for you or the planet; and properly filtered water. Nourish A Life is a water filtration system that is designed to last, unlike other water filters on the market where the business model depends on frequent replacement.

Water filtration is important on a much larger scale than just the water you drink, which is why Nourish A Life offers in-line filtration systems and showerheads to filter all the water lines throughout the house.

Worldwide water
On an even larger scale, Nourish A Life has partnered with GiveCleanWater.org to help bring clean water to areas that don’t have regular access to drinking water. Since starting the partnership, they’ve installed water filtration systems in two villages and two schools.

There’s a difference between “safe to drink” and “healthy to drink,” so be mindful of what you’re putting in your body. Learn more about Nourish A Life’s water filtration systems at nourishalife.org

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