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Mor Furniture for Every Home

Furniture shopping can be so much fun at a great place like Mor Furniture for Less. Whether you’re in need of a couch or patio set, they have different styles and sizes for you to choose from. Tune in discover amazing options for your home today.

Details on ‘Mor Furniture for Every Home’

[Sean] So we’re up here at Mor furniture today and Jordan you’re like me, your house is just about filled with Mor Fruniture for Less. We love them and we get to come in the field together because Mor Furniture isreally like our home away from home.

[Jordan] I love when we get to come here because it’s pieces I have at my house I like to see still in the showroom and recognize my house is filled I’ve got a couch, I’ve got some kitchen chairs, I got my whole patio set from Mor which I can’t believe over three years is still holding up absolutely beautifully

[Sean] Yeah I have just about as much my house is literally filled with Mor Furniture  from mattresses to the couch, everything pretty much is and it’s because of the people that are here really they have guided us and helped us along the way so much and helped us displease for me I was about to make a mistake with the wrong fabric. I was gonna buy a leather couch and I didn’t think about kids and dogs with their nails all over it but I got guided to the microfiber and it cleans up perfect and I had no problems the kids or the dogs. It survived very well  after eight years or so I think it might need a new one but it did exceptionally well.

[Jordan] There of choices out here for you so when we’re talking about replacement couches you know things do wear and tear over the years and eventually it will be time to make a replacement more is always updating their styles and their colors and right now we’re on a beautiful blue couch. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this color in the showroom and it was such a great choice

[Jordan] Yeah you know I used to think that Mor Furniture before it came here was gonna be more of that overstuffed comfy thing which they have a lot of that but I like contemporary design, I think you do too.

[Sean] They have so many things that fit my needs and actually I gotta confess, the couch doesn’t really need to be redone because of wear and tear. It’s about style, that’s mostly why I buy new things it’s cuz I just want a new one

[Jordan] You know in my house is quite compact I like to say it’s compact instead of small and more furniture has been able to find me so many great solutions for what I need my couch is a nice chaise lounge couch but it has a pullout bed with it too so I’m able to have guest storage and it’s things that I didn’t I wouldn’t have thought was possible without that big bulky pull-out couch look. You would never know this thing has a pull-out couch

[Sean] I think I was here when you picked that out we were here to shoot and what I loved is that you were guided to that piece because they were talking about the needs that you had and how you wanted to fill those needs and it’s been the same experience for people we’ve sent in from our friends, family, everybody that comes in to Mor has  same experience and then the price and we every buddy knows that Mor is about the lowest price you can partner for lesson

[Jordan] That absolutely rings true. Mor is the best value in town they have incredible delivery which is a whole other segment we could talk about the process for delivery was so seamless great people more great people because the people in store a great the people for delivery are great everything that you need for your home for furnishings

[Sean] You want to come to more furniture for less there are four locations around San Diego check them out today