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Matching Roof Additions

Whether you’re starting a new project or adding on, an important step that is often overlook is matching the roof addition! Tune in to discover the tips our experts provide to ensure this process goes seamlessly.

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[Sean] it’s time to ask an expert well we answer everyday questions to help you better understand your home and the home improvement industry today as normal and with Greg Cantor our resident expert from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel and Cesar from Howard & Sons roofing and today gentlemen we’re talking about how to match elements of your remodel to make it look basically seamless right Greg in a remodel is this a pretty big thing to consider when you’re  looking at approaching remodel

[Gregg] it is very important especially if it’s not a whole home remodel if it’s an addition or just a you know more minor remodel it’s important that you match all the materials I think we’ve all seen those homes where you see the the main home and then the things stuck on the side that really sticks out like a sore thumb

[Sean] right absolutely a Gregg couldn’t hit it better on the head with that one you know interactive assistance with your contractor is definitely important

[Cesar] now the roof is a key part of this because that’s one of the largest surfaces and one of the areas that’s going to stick out the most

[Sean] Greg in your experience is the roof one of the first things to take into consideration it is because it’s kind of the first thing you see when you drive up to a home

[Gregg] and sometimes roofs are old and they could be outdated the material similar material might be available but it’s not a color match so sometimes you take off the old roof and reuse it and put the new materials in a place where you don’t see it in front so you kind of have to hide and get creative to be able to solve that problem

[Cesar] sometimes when you can’t find the exact match sometimes yeah it’s if we’re missing tiles or you know something that we can’t find because outdated or out of stock then you know we try to hide it as best as possible in different places of the home that are not as visible now there are solutions like boneyards where you can find perhaps discontinued roofing materials out

[Sean] is that something you can fairly rarely or regularly find things or is it harder to find exact matches sometimes

[Cesar] sometimes we have to scour all throughout the state of California to see if we can find the material I mean it’s hit and miss I mean it’s maybe a 50/50 chance you’re gonna find it are there were times if you’re doing important more major remodel it’s time to just think about reroofing the whole home for sure I mean if it’s a composition shingle roof and it’s already got 10 years or 15 years on it

[Sean] and the the addition is affecting a lot of the area you’re better off just reroofing everything and that way you don’t have to worry about one roof wearing out before the other and that’s why you got to go with the great remodeler and contractors who are doing the work like like Howard & Son if you have any questions for our experts or want to see more information from previous questions visit approved home pros comm in our ask an expert section