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Learn How to Protect Your Turf From Burning

Turf is a great alternative to grass, but did you know it can burn? Light refracting off your windows onto your turf can damage not only the turf but also your other landscape. Superior Window Solutions has the solution to help you protect your turf today.

Details on ‘Turf Burn’

[Jordan] Did you know that your windows can actually burn your turf? Today I’m talking with Virgil Ryan from Superior Window Solutions to learn all about turf burn and what we can do about it so thanks so much for coming to share this information today.

[Virgil] Thanks for having me again Jordan.

[Jordan] Let’s start with what is turf burn and why do we need to be concerned about it?

[Virgil] Turf burn is where you get the sun refracting through the glass making a focused beam of light and heat a very intense heat.

[Jordan] I’m picturing you know small children playing with magnifying glasses over the ants on the sidewalk.

[Virgil] Bingo it’s the same kind of effect the that happens through your natural glass in your windows so this can be you know damage your investment if you have artificial turf which you know melts that plastic which is really really hot.

[Jordan] which would be unsafe but it can also affect other elements in your landscaping is that right?

[Virgil] It can it’s all of your landscaping is subject to the same issues of the intense focused beam of light and we want to find a way to avoid that.

[Jordan] You’ve actually kind of created a product so what is our solution?

[Virgil] So, I’ve found a product that’s a clear perforated film that we apply to the outside of the glass and what that does it brings the amount of reflection and refraction down below the threshold of damage below the threshold of damage so we will still see some reflection off of the windows. We might see kind of sunspots on the yard but it’s nice but it’s safe and that’s really the key factor we’re pointing out here today.

[Jordan] And what is it gonna do for our views because anytime you talk about putting something on the windows I know San Diego kind of lights up.

[Virgil] You’re exactly right- that’s why we live here we’ve got great views so it is slightly obscuring but you still have your views much like a screen a screen on a sliding glass door or a window that opens the other side doesn’t it’s much like looking out that screen so with that being said you also don’t have to put it on every window you only have to do it on the windows that you don’t have a screen on the outside or with that one of these windows that is specifically in the sun’s path that’s going to cause this damage and that’s what we can take a look at when we come out we’re gonna look at the home we’re gonna identify which windows they are usually this kind of the suite time is around 11 to 1 o’clock where the Sun is at a nice area where we normally see those reflections and you get your head down you take a look you can do it yourself and find out where that reflection is coming from

[Jordan] Wow and so very very quickly this is just one example of how superior witness solutions is there to help give me just a rundown of other products available

[Virgil] films are all about protection, protection from heat glare line-of-sight privacy smash-and-grab graffiti anti-intrusion

[Jordan] they have films to protect you from many things whether it’s environmental or man-caused thank you so much they’ll get your free consultation from superior window solutions today