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Keep Your View When Upgrading Your Windows

When choosing the right windows for your home, you want to consider factors that will obstruct your view. Window World shares how their SlimFrame windows help increase your view and allow you to enjoy the scenery.

Details About “Keep Your View When Upgrading Your Windows”

Jordan: There are so many reasons to update your windows from energy efficiency to curb appeal, but now you can actually increase your view. Gene Bryan from Window World is here to introduce us to SlimFrame windows. This is exactly what we’re talking about right here, Gene.

Gene: Exactly.

Jordan: I’m floored by this.

Gene: And so many people have old aluminum windows, and one thing that they have a hard time getting past sometimes, is when they do their replacement window, they end up with a frame that’s as thick as that. So they’ve lost some of that viewable glass. Something that we’re excited to talk about today is our new SlimFrame window. You can see the difference.

Jordan: San Diego is beautiful.

Gene: Exactly.

Jordan: And we wanna see more of it out of our windows.

Gene: Exactly, so we’re gonna be able to give you a lot more viewable glass with that SlimFrame, but still give you the energy efficiency, and the same energy efficiency on the glass packs as well.

Jordan: So, does it come with all the same style color choices that your regular sized windows come with?

Gene: It sure does. Grids, everything that you would ever want, options on the other window, you can get in the slim frame as well.

Jordan: Plus, some of these special new glass features that we need to talk about, as well.

Gene: Exactly, we have something I’m real excited to talk about. It’s a Window World exclusive, no one else has it, and it’s what we call our SolarZone SunShield Glass. What that means is, this is a sample sash right here in the window. And these are the important things to look at. These are what’s called an NFRC label. It is kind of the techy part. The kind of the window nerd talk about. The window specifications. This is an important number. This 0.23, is what’s called the solar heat gain number. If you notice, the new glass we’re offering is a 0.14.

Jordan: That’s a huge difference.

Gene: Huge, it’s 40% difference. So we have a newer energy efficient glass pack, that’s 40% better than what we’ve been selling for years. It’s been, really, an awesome glass pack.

Jordan: Which we already know is great, so we’re talking better and best options here.

Gene: Exactly. Now, here’s the thing that’s really exciting about this. It does have just a little bit of a blueish tint to it, where most other windows are green, but if you kind of look, you can see it just slightly in here, but it reflects glare like there’s no tomorrow. It’s really crazy. It makes your house look so much brighter inside.

Jordan: And you’re gonna wanna look out more.

Gene: Exactly. It’s kind of like putting on a pair of Polaroid sunglasses, and the outside looks so clear and clean and crisp. That’s exactly what this does.

Jordan: I love it, and the best part is that you can upgrade, no matter what glass package you’re going with, with Window World you can upgrade to this glass, complementary, right now. So get more from your view, with your windows with slim window frames from Window World. Call Gene today at 619-797-6988.