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Incorporating Turf Into Your Landscape

Incorporating turf into your landscape is easier than it seems, especially with a quality company like Dreamgardens to help you. Dreamgardens understands the importance of blending the turf into your existing landscape for a seamless, beautiful yard. Tune in to learn more!

Details on ‘Incorporating Turf’

[Sean] One of the best ways to make your artificial turf look realistic is to incorporate it into a cohesive landscape plan. Sergio from Dreamgardens is here to talk about that and how you can achieve that really beautiful, unified look in the yard. Sergio, I’ve lived with artificial turf and I’ve lived with it a couple different ways. One was just a plot of turf and the other one was really incorporated into my yard. It’s such a huge difference.  Is that what you see as well?

[Sergio] Yes, I think the key is try to be creative and try to find the best solution for that particular project. So, I think it’s just about that.

[Sean] So, you have an approach that allows you to do that, where I think some companies just come in and want to sell turf, they’re a turf company. I find with those companies, you’re going to end up with the biggest square foot of turf that they’re able to sell to you. Where you’re coming in as a consultative approach to find a solution really.

[Sergio] That’s correct, when we go into a house, our main objective and philosophy is try to find what’s best for the customer- not try to push a particular product or a certain amount of turf. We need to work with them and understand what they need and based on that, make the best suggestion for the customer. Based on lifestyle and some of their goals – is it water savings, what is that goal? Many conditions like if they have pets, what’s their budget, what’s the use, what’s the lifestyle – many things that play into consideration.

[Sean] So, a lot of questions that need to be asked during that process. What are other elements besides turf that can be incorporated into the yard?

[Sergio] Well, there’s many. Probably the most popular are ground covers, rocks are very popular- river rocks, beach pebbles- there’s many different kinds of rocks. Boulders, boulders are big. Plants also play a big part. Pavers as well, some retaining elements.

[Sean] Now with plants, I want to stop on that for a bit. People think drought tolerant plants are lacking color but there’s some very colorful drought tolerant plants out there.

[Sergio] Yes, definitely. There’s plenty of full-color succulents that look great on any project. And also you don’t just have to have a drought tolerant landscape, you can have a tropical landscapes and still incorporate turf into that. Of course, smart irrigation systems aren’t very expensive can play a big part and help you save money and water your plants.

[Sean] That’s why we recommend you so highly. Let Dreamgardens give you the landscaping and turf to make your property shine. Call them at 619-500-7414.