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How To Revive Your Lawn

If there was something that could keep your lawn lush and green, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Four Seasons Lawn Aeration checks in to explain what lawn aeration is and how it can help your lawn. They share how this simple and affordable solution can help you maintain a beautiful lawn. 

Details On “How To Revive Your Lawn”

– If there was something that could help keep your lawn lush and green, I think you’d want to know about it, so Dominic Carlos from Four Seasons Lawn Aeration is here to introduce us to lawn aerating. Let’s just start at the very beginning, I don’t think very many people out there maybe know what is lawn aerating?

– Well out here in southern California we have that hard, adobe-based, clay-type soil. Over the years it gets compacted, and when it gets compacted, it turns to brick, and you just can’t grow grass in brick. The only way for turf to do well, is that it needs to be de-compacted, and the way we do that with our aerating machines, same machine I use on a golf course putting greens.

– Which are notoriously green.


– Yeah, that’s what I bring out to the homes. It’s not a rental type machine, it’s a professional golf course machine. Punches the turf about as deep as your index finger, every two inches apart, but not just punching it, we also pull up a soil core. That’s the most important part because that’s what relieves tension and compaction, opens up that lawn, allows air to get in there to feed the microorganisms in the soil. Afterwards we also fertilize it, that’s part of our service. Fertilizer gets washed into the soil directly just like force feeds it. Within two weeks, what’s green and growing looks 100% better. We really get that lawn to pop green. Any areas we can’t reach because our machine, we do a detailed job. This is a tool I invented myself, I call it the truly holey, and we get the areas that corners, in between step stones, and this is why I beat all my competition, nobody can come close because the detailed work that we do.

– So it’s gonna help the lawn stay nice and green, but also maybe save you a little bit of water because you’re gonna maximize your water use.

– Absolutely, what it does, it makes lawn 100% more porous. These little holes bring in all the water and moisture and holds it much better. If you have any problems with the sloping hill, it really helps the water run off.

– And how often should we aerate?

– At least twice a year for residential areas, and once we service your lawn, you’re in our system, and we give you a call every six months when we’re in your neighborhood. We service the entire county of San Diego.

– Thanks so much. Lawn aeration is a simple and affordable solution to help you maintain a beautiful lawn. Get started with Four Seasons Lawn Aeration today at 619-485-0035.