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How to Prevent Weeds in Artificial Turf

Like all landscaping, artificial turf is at risk for weeds and pests. Dreamgardens joins us to discuss how to prevent weeds in artificial turf. Discover how to keep your turf free of pests and weeds to keep it looking great all year round.

Details on ‘How to Prevent Weeds in Turf’

[Jordan] Installation is key when it comes to getting the perfect artificial lawn because it’s important to prevent weeds and rodents from destroying your new investment. Sergio Del Rio from Dreamgardens is here to talk more about these solutions we can offer. Thanks so much for coming in today!

[Sergio] My pleasure.

[Jordan]  Weeds are common everywhere but in San Diego how much do we really need to be aware of gophers and rodents that could potentially damage our lawns?

[Sergio] Well gophers are a problem in certain communities especially those that are built around canyon areas and we see I don’t know maybe 20% of the homes that we see. We come and out and visit a customer and we travel for those spots and what we do for to treat that that problem is install a gopher wire mesh and it’s built to withstand any gophers trying to crawl into your investment

[Jordan] So that would go right underneath water so we have a piece of turf and that would be a gopher wire underneath between the lands

[Sergio] That’s correct it’s a metal material that comes in a roll and we install that and that goes underneath so it’s gonna prevent any gophers trying to crawl in and make any damage to your beautiful lawn

[Jordan] How effective is it?

[Sergio] 100% effective we haven’t seen any damage as long as it’s properly installed and for that we have a 5-year warranty

[Jordan] Wow, so it won’t go through?

[Sergio] We haven’t seen it go over that or through that.

[Jordan] That’s incredible, I think the key is really that Dreamgardens when you’re out advising customers you know what to look forward to know whether they need to go for wire but what about weeds? Everyone has weeds!

[Sergio] Yes and for that we also have a warranty, we install a double layer of a weed prevention it’s a 15 year with we weed barrier cloth material that goes underneath the gopher wire and there needs a turf to prevent those weeds from ever coming back. Occasionally around the edges you can see some weeds coming through but that’s very easy to treat. Most homeowners just can pull those weeds around the edges or use household products that are available anywhere and  they won’t damage the turf.

[Jordan] Thank you so much Sergio. Prevent weeds and rodents from damaging your turf by choosing Dreamgardens for your turf installation, they have the knowledge and products to get you the perfect turf for your home. So, give them a call today.