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How To Keep Artificial Turf Cool

It’s summer and even the ground can get too hot! If you’re thinking of artificial turf, temperature may be a big concern. SYNLawn shares their unique HeatBlock Technology that can keep your turf about 20% cooler.

Details About “How To Keep Artificial Turf Cool”

– It’s summer and it can be hot. Even the ground can be hot. So, if you’re thinking about artificial turf, temperature during the summer months probably a big concern. Approved Home Pro and artificial turf expert, Jamie Neagle from SYNLawn is here to talk about HeatBlock technology. Thanks for being here.

– Thanks for having me.

– Now, you come from a perspective of being a mom. You have little kids, and you have pets.

– That’s right.

– And so, you don’t want it to be too hot under their feet and paws.

– That’s right. And synthetic grass does get hot in the summertime. In fact, it gets hot under the sun. Luckily, SYNLawn has some products that have HeatBlock Technology built into them. What HeatBlock Technology is, is it’s actually an IR reflector that’s extruded into the yarn as it’s being manufactured. So the product itself has a cooling property in the manufacturing process. This isn’t something that we spray onto the product.

– I never knew this was so high tech.

– That’s right, it is. We can get there at least. You know, again, synthetic grass isn’t attached to this moist earth. And so we’ve got to be able to cool it off in other ways. This is a proprietary technology. Only SYNLawn has this, but HeatBlock Technology will keep your grass about 20% cooler on a hot day. So, if it’s 100 degrees out, your grass is only gonna be about 80 degrees.

– Okay, very good, so, 20% cooler. Now you have this here to show that it’s not really just about the grass itself that has it. It’s the installation process that makes a difference.

– Yeah, there’s two different ways that we keep the grass cooler. One is with the heat block technology. The other is with the type of infill that we put on top of the grass. They’re a different type of infill that keep it cooler on top of the 20% HeatBlock. And so, we really have the right system that can keep it as cool as possible, for synthetic grass at least.

– Now you mentioned this before about how this differs from other artificial turfs in the market, and you were saying that this is the only one that has this type of technology.

– That’s right. Again, SYNLawn is the manufacturer of it’s own products. So, we control all the processes of the manufacturing, and we actually put the HeatBlock into the yarn fibers as we’re extruding them.

– Okay, very good. And, you also, an offer, I wanna get that in. 10% off your installation, your turf purchase.

– Okay, thanks.

– No problem. Thank you.

– All right. Get all the benefits of artificial turf without worrying if it’ll be too hot. Thanks to SYNLawn’s Heat Block Technology. Call 619-500-9466 for your free consultation today.