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Improve Water Flow in the Sink and Shower

Improve Water Flow in the Sink and Shower

If you’re not satisfied with the water flow that your shower head delivers, there are ways that you can fix the problem on your own. Here are tips to improve water flow in your sink and shower.

San Diego Water Flow Problems

San Diego is well-known for its hard water, which results in calcium and lime build-up in your shower head and faucet. Sediment from an older, deteriorating water heater is a typical issue which triggers clogs as well. All of this can clog your shower head and lower the pressure of the water flow.

How to Improve Water Flow

Giving your shower head a good cleaning with the right tools should help you to improve water flow. It’s wise to perform regular maintenance on shower heads, in order to prevent clogs before they start. If it’s too late for that, be sure to avoid using abrasive cleansers or cleaning tools, especially if your shower head is made from a material which may be scratched. Ace Hardware recommends using CLR. Cleaning your showerhead or faucet with CLR is a simple, quick process.

  1. Remove the showerhead and submerge it in a solution of half CLR and half hot water.
  2. Leave it in the solution for two minutes, remove the showerhead, and then rinse to loosen up the buildup inside the showerhead.
  3. Use a brush or sponge to loosen up buildup.
  4. Repeat the process with full strength CLR if necessary, rinsing thoroughly after each application.
  5. Clear any debris from the aerator side as well.
  6. Reinstall the shower head.

For faucets, while you have the aerator off, check to be sure the small plastic parts inside are not broken and that the screen is in good shape.  If there are any broken parts or a hole or tear in the screen it should be replaced.  Aerators are generally very inexpensive and are available at your neighborhood Ace Hardware store. Bring your old aerator with you so you can match it up as there are many different aerator designs.

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