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How to Choose Carpet

Choosing carpet can be difficult when there’s so many different options. Contract Carpet is here to help by breaking down the different kinds of carpet available and the benefits of each. Tune in to learn more!

Details on ‘How to Choose Carpet’

[Sean] There’s just no comfort like a nice plush carpet. Today Nick Dixon from Contract Carpet is here with me to teach us how to choose that nice, luxury carpet. Nick, thanks for coming in today.

[Nick]Thanks for having me!

[Sean] To me, luxury used to mean hard wood floors but today there are so many luxury carpets available.

[Nick] Definitely, there’s a ton of them.

[Sean] What are some ways we can determine what is and isn’t a luxury carpet.

[Nick] The thickness, amount and type of fiber are all super important factors.

[Sean] So, let’s talk about these examples. This top one here is very plush. Very nice and luscious, you can really dig your fingers into it.

[Nick] So, this is one that would be the thickest version. And underneath, we have other examples. This one is medium thickness and then this one might be what you use in a rental property.

[Sean] So, as we get up to these thicker ones you mentioned how nice it is to get out of bed and put your feet onto a warm carpet and that’s one of the benefits.

[Nick] Definitely, people like to roll out of bed and feel comfy.

[Sean] So, where are other places besides the bedroom that they’re used? Stairwell?

[Nick] Probably upstairs and stairs, it’s a little more affordable.

[Sean] Besides the thickness, what are other things that go into a luxury carpet vs. a lesser carpet?

[Nick] The type of fiber is super important. There’s wool products out there that are very durable but not very cleanable. Nylon products like this are very durable and cleanable. There are also polyester that is super cleanable but not very durable. So they all have their place in the market, it just depends what you need.

[Sean] So, it depends on your specific home and your family and what your needs are. Will you consult with somebody to help find them their fit?

[Nick] Definitely, that’s what it’s all about. I don’t want to sell someone a floor that won’t work for their situation.

[Sean] Are there any buzz words that get people confused when their shopping for carpet?

[Nick] I’d say a lot of big box stores try to through face weight or ounce weight at you.

[Sean] What is that?

[Nick] That’s the amount of fiber within a square inch. So, just this part right here. Some people think more is better but it just depends what better is to you. If you want it thick, comfy and cozy then yeah more is probably better. But if you want it to be more durable than maybe a little bit less. A little bit skinnier would be better so it’s more durable. And it goes back to having the right carpet for you and your family.

[Sean] Definitely! Thanks so much. And Contract Carpet will always guide you to the right carpet. So, if you need carpet or flooring of any kind, visit Contract Carpet in Carmel Mountain Ranch or Encinitas. You can find them as always on Approved Home Pros.com.