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How to Avoid Scale & Algae in Your Pool

When you remodel your pool, you want to make sure it will stay beautiful and new for as long as possible. Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling discusses tips to avoid scale and algae. Turn in to learn more!

Details on ‘Scale & Algae’

[Sean] After remodeling your pool, it’s important to understand how to maintain it because there’s some issues that can come up if you don’t. Mark from Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling is here to help us understand some major issues. What are those ones that can happen for us?

[Mark] You can develop scale or algae.

[Sean] Let’s dive into each of those. What is scale?

[Mark] Scale is calcium deposits that have attached themselves to the wall or the floor of the pool, or the tile line.

[Sean] And what’s the cause of that?

[Mark] Improper chemical balance, low PH, chlorine or even salt if you have a salt water pool.

[Sean] So letting the pool water get away from you is basically what happens.

[Mark] Yes, exactly. Improper water chemistry can cause all kinds of problems.

[Sean] And that’s a very hard thing to do. When I had a pool I felt like I was riding a bucking broncho trying to keep my pool water in balance.

[Mark] Exactly, that’s why a lot of people hire professionals to take care of their pools. It’s a constant battle.

[Sean] And how long does it take for that to build up?

[Mark] It can happen pretty quickly in weeks and then all of a sudden you’re dealing with a mess.

[Sean] And what’s the solution to this?

[Mark] Well you can sand the pool or there are solutions that you can put into the pool to remove it, depending on how bad it is. You might have to lower your water level and refill it in order to change the chemistry.

[Sean] But it can be handled, it’s not the end of the world. What about algae?

[Mark] Algae is a growth inside of your pool, it’s just like it sounds like. There’s different kinds. There’s black, green, yellow and brown.

[Sean] Is one worse than the other?

[Mark] Black is the worse. Black grows roots so it actually goes through the finish and into the shell of the pool and it attaches itself there so it’s very hard to get rid of.

[Sean] Does it cause damage to the pool wall?

[Mark] Yes, it can. Algae also isn’t good for your health and it looks terrible and it’s ruining your finish.

[Sean] So, it’s lessening the length of the life of that finish. What’s the solution to algae? Just keeping your water in proper balance?

[Mark] So black algae you really have to cut out that spot and dig into it as far as it goes. And try to remove it. Some people will use a pipe and put chlorine directly on it, but really the best thing is to remove it. But the other kinds, you can actually shock the pools. Which is a lot of chlorine and that can help.

[Sean] Thanks Mark! So there are solutions. Call Gardner Outdoor and Pool Remodeling to

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