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How the Off Season Affects HVAC Maintenance

Have you ever tried to get your AC serviced in the peak of summer? The reality is that home improvements are often affected by seasonality. We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air explains why the off season is the best time to have your AC serviced, or replaced if necessary.

Details on ‘Off Season HVAC Maintenance’

[Jordan] Have you ever tried to get your AC repaired in the peak of summer? The reality is that home improvements are often affected by seasonality, so today Bob Briley from a We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to explain why the off season is your best bet for HVAC maintenance. Thanks for coming in! This is a real issue because I do not want to be in peak heat in the summertime or really any time of year that San Diego gets a heatwave because that can be any time of year and I don’t want it to ever be that I go to use my air conditioner and I’m stuck in the heat because it doesn’t work. So when is the best time to actually get it checked out and get it serviced?

[Bob] You don’t want to have a check like around April May because it’s starting to get hot now companies are going to start getting busy your systems not going to work and next thing you know you’re gonna be having to wait for somebody to come out and have a checked on.

[Jordan] So you’re saying April May?

[Bob] I’m saying that’s like as late as I want to wait

[Jordan] You know we’re in October/ November, can’t this be anything I do in the wintertime?

[Bob] Well you definitely can, I mean we have maintenance that comes out and we come out and check the full system, not just your heating system not just your air conditioning system just to make sure everything’s working properly. You never know, you might have a January February where it’s like a hundred degrees out here.

[Jordan] Absolutely so I say I want it to be working even in that instance

[Bob] But that’s the time of year you know across the board maybe the technicians have a little bit less on their plate right you know we actually hire more people in the summertime because the supply and demand is really there I mean I was do an analogy of you know people leave early during a baseball game or leave early during a football game because they don’t want that rush hour to get to happen on their way home and it’s the same thing with heating and air conditioning if you wait too long next day

[Jordan] Now you really sit in that gridlock and you’re never gonna get a system check out.

[Bob] Absolutely so this November this December let’s have our air conditioning checked out and then what happens if you find something it’s great if you find something because then we have time to actually fix it you have your options if your system is old you know the 10 12 14 year you have a chance to say okay I think I’m gonna sit on this right now and then make my decision but I’m gonna go ahead and go with a new system and we can schedule a new system to come out and everything else and so it’s great and great timing gather that information and be prepared and you can kind of analyze the costs and you have time to plan it out so that you’re ready when that peak.

[Jordan] Exactly thanks so much Bob trusts your AC maintenance too we care call them today.