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How PermaGreen Can Help Your Lawn

San Diego is greener than ever thanks to recent rains but that also means weeds are growing uncontrollably. Learn how to not only kill weeds but also keep them from coming back with Four Seasons Lawn Aeration, Inc.

Details on ‘PermaGreen’

[Sean] So I am out here at a green lawn in San Diego with Dominic from Four Seasons Lawn Aeration and PermaGreen, and we’re going to talk today about weeds and weed control and how you can have a lawn like this one. I want a lush, green lawn like everybody does. What are some of the things that get in the way of that in terms of weeds?

[Dominic] Well, out here in San Diego, because of our climate, we have every type of grass that grows in the world, every type of weed that grows in the world grows out here all year around. So, here at Four Seasons PermaGreen, it’s a lawn-care program that we come out every seven weeks, we fertilize the lawn with the right fertilizer for that time of year, we come out and we individually spray out all the weeds, whether it’s a broad leaf` weed or it’s a grassy weed. Another thing that might happen is they might have insects in the lawn. We treat insects and if you have a fungus, we treat that also. Our goal is for you to have a nice, green, lush lawn, and we can do that here at Four Seasons PermaGreen, but it’s an ongoing process because once you kill a crop of weeds, seven weeks later you get another.

[Sean] They’re going to grow again.

[Dominic] It’s takes a while to get a handle of it.

[Sean] Let’s talk about some of those specific weeds, broad leaf weeds and those others. Are those as common as the dandelions or no?

[Dominic] Well, dandelions, you got oxalis, the one that looks like clover, produces a lot of little yellow flowers. That’s a hard one to treat. Regular products that you’ll get at Home Depot, anywhere else, that’s not going to work. We use professional herbicides they use on golf courses. And when we spray a lawn, the homeowner knows where we spray because we use a special dye. It leaves a bluish green color tint to it.

[Sean] So if you want a lush, green lawn like this, you have to get a hold of Four Seasons PermaGreen. They’re available at ApprovedHomePros.com, and a treatment for a lawn like this, an average price, between $45 and $60 per treatment, it’s amazingly low. Call them today.