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    Expert Reviews of Superior Window Solutions

    “I love my Superior Window Solutions window films! From start to finish the process was incredibly easy, and it was actually fascinating to watch how quickly the installation happens. I wanted to tackle three main issues: reducing heat coming through a large window, prevent UV rays from fading my furniture and increasing my privacy from the street. SWS was able to recommend two different films for different areas of my house to address all three issues. The best part is, I get to reap the benefits without changing anything about my lifestyle. If anything, I leave the blinds open more to get more natural light!”

    Review by Jordan, Host of Approved Home Pros

    The Superior Choice

    Since 1998, owner Virgil Ryan has used the unbeatable combination of competitive pricing, superior products and unmatched quality and customer service to make Superior Window Solutions the leader in San Diego’s window tinting industry.

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    Why Window Tinting?

    Home window tinting creates a safer, energy efficient house, and reduces heating and cooling costs. Window tinting films reduce up to 78 percent of the sun’s heat from entering your home, reflects solar glare by as much as 86 percent and screens out 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV radiation, which can damage your furnishings. Window tinting also provides an increase in privacy and safety while offering energy savings.

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    Superior Products

    Superior Window Solutions is an Energy Star partner and a green friendly company that is proud to offer the world’s best window film lines: Sunscape Select and Madico premium window films, along with the high-quality lines of SuntekSungardSolyxAegisScorpionJohnson and Decolite. A wide range of products are available to suite every taste and budget.

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    Superior Experience

    In an industry with a spotty record, Superior Window Solutions comes as a breath of fresh air. From the very first contact to the last detail at the end of the job, Superior Window Solutions ensures customers receive the highest levels of courtesy and professionalism.

    Superior Window has been a leader in the window tinting industry in San Diego for years. Now you can rely on this industry-recognized team for innovative shades and solar control solutions for commercial and residential projects. As an authorized installer of Draper, Inc. products, Superior Window Solutions now offers a complete catalog of options for all of your sun protection and privacy needs. Call today to schedule a FREE estimate.


    Why Shades?

    Window shades are an important consideration for any room. Shades reflect light and heat from the sun, reduce the amount of energy required to cool the building as well as control the ambient light entering an office, conference room or other media room.


    Superior Products

    Superior Window Solutions is an authorized dealer of Draper, Inc., one of the largest manufacturers of window shades for sunlight control and room darkening in the world. Draper has been manufacturing quality window shades for over 114 years and offers a variety of innovative solutions, including roller shades, tensioned fabrics, solar shades, operable metal louvers, rack arm systems, and more.

    Prevent Turf Burn with Window Films

    Turf not only looks great but is a great way to save money on your water bill, but did you know that your turf can actually burn? Turf burn is when you get the sun refracting through the glass, creating a very hot spot on the turf. If that spot gets too hot it can melt that plastic. It can also affect other areas of your landscaping if it comes in contact with the turf. Superior Window Solutions has created a solution to this problem by adding a clear film to the windows to protect the turf. Learn more here!


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