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    Your San Diego Plumbing Professionals

    Founded in 1970, Mr. Rooter is based on a set of core values rooted in performing quality work at honest prices. Almost 50 years later, these values continue to be upheld through an umbrella of independently owned and operated plumbing companies under the Mr. Rooter name. Today in San Diego it’s the premier plumbing company in San Diego that focuses on professionalism and customer loyalty. With Mr. Rooter, customers know they’re getting licensed experts that go the extra mile to get the job done quickly.

    Reliable, Affordable Services

    Mr. Rooter specializes in plumbing, from drain cleaning to plumbing emergencies like frozen pipes. Customers can rely on them to repair leaking pipes, replace water heaters, handle clogged drains and more. Mr. Rooter San Diego believes that drain cleaning services should be a regular part of every home maintenance plan. It’s is important for many reasons because maintenance is the only way to keep drains clean and identify problems, such as corrosion, before they become a bigger issue. If those bigger issues occur, Mr. Rooter’s team is available 24/7 to tackle those emergencies. A drain emergency can be as simple as a slow draining sink or as unfortunate as a clogged toilet that is backing up into the bathroom. Plus, Mr. Rooter never charges an additional fee for nights, weekends or holidays because they put their customers needs first.

    Why Customers Love Mr. Rooter

    Mr. Rooter’s team is comprises a group of trained experts with countless years of experience in the plumbing industry. They understand how much of an impact plumbing problems can have on the home and everyday life. That’s why Mr. Rooter not only offers 24/7 service, but also handles service requests in a prompt and professional manner. Customers always receive a breakdown of the needed services, repairs and costs once the free inspection is completed because it’s important that they can have all the information before making the decision to move forward with Mr. Rooter. After a customer decides to move forward, Mr. Rooter will arrive on time, deliver high quality service and show every customer the consideration deserved. Mr. Rooter continuously builds customer loyalty and strives to uphold the values that makes them the premiere plumbing company in San Diego.

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