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Newest ECOLA LOGO April 2014Hello, I’m Sue Fries, owner of ECOLA SERVICES INC. We are the alternative methods specialists for controlling termites and pests here in San Diego County.

We are proud to be Approved Home Pros.

The management of ECOLA SERVICES, INC. consists of licensed operators with over 60 years of experience in all areas of the pest control industry. We are active members of the Local, State, and National Pest Control Associations, as well as local Better Business Bureaus.

At ECOLA, we specialize in alternative termite and pest control treatments designed to fit your lifestyle, but also offer a range of traditional treatments.

ECOLA Alternative Termite and Pest Control Treatments

ECOLA Traditional Termite and Pest Control Treatments

Our primary objective at ECOLA SERVICES, INC. is to rid your structure of termites. We have found, after experimentation with the old and the new technologies, that in most cases our effective non-chemical alternatives are the most convenient and economical methods. One of our licensed inspectors will determine the best method for your situation. They will explain the process and answer all of your questions, as well as discuss any preparations that may be necessary.

ECOLA SERVICES, INC. is licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board of California, a division of the Department of Consumer Affairs, by ETEX LTD., the manufacturer of the Electro-Gun equipment and by TPE for our ECOLA HeatTM treatment process.

I, Susan  Fries, the “Termite Lady”, don’t want the little things in life to “bug” you. Contact ECOLA SERVICES INC. today for all of your Termite and Pest Control needs. (619) 365-9030

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SPCB License# PR1158