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    Expert Reviews of Best Rate Repair & Termite Co.

    “Jeff Mudd, owner of Best Rate Repair & Termite Co., is an all around nice guy! He’s been in the business for many years, and uses that expertise to help homeowners find the best deck and patio solutions for their homes. Jeff and the whole team at Best Rate have extensive knowledge of the products they offer for new decking and patios, but also years of field experience that makes them industry leaders when it comes to wood repair.”

    -Review by Kim Wood from La Mesa Lumber

    The Best Rate Repair Company started in 2002 as a niche business specializing in wood damage repair for homes, decks and patios due to termites, dry rot, fungus and the southern California sun. Since then it has added a number of residential services including deck and patio covers (repair, restoration and new build), and a commercial repair and maintenance program to become the largest specialty wood damage repair company in the San Diego County market.

    Best Rate Repair wood and deck repair

    Best Rate Termite

    As the reputation of Best-Rate Repair Company grew, the clients started asking if Best Rate did termite extermination as well, so in May 2014 Best Rate Repair Company launched Best Rate Termite Company which specializes in termite extermination and preventative maintenance for homes and commercial properties.

    Free Termite Inspections in San Diego

    Are termites eating you out of the house? To prevent or get rid of any termite related problems it is recommended that you get your home inspected for termite infestations at least once a year.

    Best Rate Termite offers free termite inspections to all San Diego areas, so don’t let the problem worsen and schedule your appointment today!

    Wood Repair Experts

    Even in the mild weather of San Diego, wood structures don’t last forever. Termite damage, wood rot, aging wood, or poor craftsmanship can afflict wooden decks, patios, stairs, floors, eaves, balconies and doors putting homeowners at a higher risk of accidents and lowering the retail value of their homes.

    Best Rate Repair can fix wood damage

    Best Rate Repair’s team members are wood repair experts. If you notice that your wooden structures are weakening, flimsy or rotting, call best-rate for your free in-home inspection and consultation. You’ll get honest evaluations, answers to your questions and information about costs up front.

    New Patio & Deck Construction

    Best Rate doesn’t just repair wood damage; they also build beautiful and cost-effective decks, patios and balconies in San Diego and San Diego County. A deck, balcony, and patio each provide homeowners with a new and pleasant outdoor space, as well as increases the resale value of the house.

    • Deck/Patio Construction and Repair
    • Termite Damage Repair
    • Wood Rot Damage Repair
    • Age/Structural Damage Repair
    • Stucco Repair
    • Drywall RepairBest Rate Repair can also build beautiful new decks

    The Best Rate Repair Difference

    You have many choices when choosing a San Diego termite inspector. At Best Rate Termite, the inspectors are well-trained and will treat you and your home with respect. They show up on time, perform a thorough inspection, and make sure to completely review the termite report with you.

    If there’s evidence of an infestation, Best Rate will recommend the most appropriate treatment for your particular situation, not just the most expensive.

    Termite Removal Services

    termite instpectionfumechemical




    Termite Inspections             Fume Prep Services           Chemical Barriers





    Exterior Perimeter               Tenting & Fumigation         Termite Baiting

    To learn more about the specific services that Best Rate Repair offers, visit or or call 619-407-9097

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