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Home Improvement Transformation Ideas

With innovative design and quality craftsmanship, dramatic transformations are made with home remodeling.  Today, Approved Home Pros Resident Expert Gregg Cantor shows us some examples.

Home Improvement Transformation Ideas

1. Move to an open concept space. Most people spend a great deal of time in the kitchen with family and friends. Maximizing space by remodeling improves function and usability. Many homes were built with walls separating living areas. I find most homeowners prefer an open concept. Taking out dividing walls makes a big difference visually and also creates more usable space.

2. Remodel the bathroom. More often than not, I find that homeowners are asking for bathtubs to be removed so that they can have larger showers. At the same time, we often enlarge vanities or add full height cabinets to make the room more functional.

3. Replace the front door. One of the more simple changes that has one of the largest impact in resale value is replacing your front door. This is an easy improvement that won’t break the bank.