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Holiday Plumbing Tips

Problems are bound to happen during the holiday season. Mr. Rooter joins us to discuss simple holiday plumbing tips to help you avoid bigger problems. Learn more before the family arrives!

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[Sean] don’t get stuck calling a plumber this holiday season Mike for mr. Rooter is here offer them tips that could help your holidays go more smoothly you have some great tips and a great offer at the end our first tip is about a garbage disposal which really is a misnomer you shouldn’t be from the garbage Anna right

[Mike] correct garbage disposal is not a trash can so I would highly encourage everybody to not put anything hard anything that’s stringy sticky oily things like that they will all get caught down the drain as soon as they go down there so those go in the trash can

[Sean] I’ve had a experience ready to call  somebody because I carrot peels I put those down the garbage ball didn’t work correct

[Mike] our next tip is about what part related is running water down that system correct so when you’re using your garbage disposal always turn it on prior to putting the food down the drain run it until everything’s gone and then run cold water once you turn it off to flush everything out into the main line for about 20 30 seconds about 20-30 seconds then about reminding friends and family about something

[Sean] correct so when you get friends and family in town some people tend to put foreign things down the drains it shouldn’t go down they’re highly encourage everybody to only put toilet paper down the toilets enough set got you just toilet paper that’s a great secrete

[Mike] correct but you ever might be all that next check your bathroom at the woods checking for just making sure everything works about you know some bathrooms and homes don’t get used as frequently as others so when you have family in town certain certain parts of the home get used and when they’re not when they haven’t been used for a long time they tend to freeze up and not work better to know before they show up

[Sean] so just a little prep early and you can help them if there is a problem correct

[Mike] lastly quickly turn up the hot water heater higher yeah so if you turn the water heater up a little bit higher it can help conserve hot water for when you have additional family and friends over so definitely a good idea to turn it up a little bit

[Sean] don’t not too high I would avoid going above 125 installed anybody but it stretches the water makes it seem like it’s lasting long correct and before we go somebody does have a problem you have an $89 drain cleaning special

[Mike] oh yes so if you have any clogged drains during the holidays we do have our $89 drain special which does what it sounds as we clear the drain out it makes it make a day that’s going bad go much better with us

[Sean] savings follow these tips to minimize the chances of plumbing disaster this holiday season if you need help mr. Rooter is there to tackle every problem you can find them and other top pros on Approved Home Pros.