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Making Energy Efficiency Easy and Affordable

Each week on The HERO Hour and HERO Highlights, we discuss energy and water efficient products and options to help you realize the promise of an energy efficient future.


Listen to The HERO Hour Saturdays at 9 on KOGO AM 600The HERO Hour

Listen Saturdays, 9AM-10AM  


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On The HERO Hour, we dive deep into energy efficient topics, take listener calls, answer questions, interview industry experts and guide you to the right options for your home.


Watch our HERO Highlights Mondays and Fridays at 9 a.m. on CW 6HERO Highlights

Watch Fridays, 9:30AM

CW6 San Diego

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Each Friday morning, Clint and Gregg host The Approved Home Pro Show’s HERO Highlights feature on CW 6 TV. We bring in expert professionals to share tips, ideas and important information regarding water and energy efficiency in your home.


Presented by HERO Presented by HERO Program

Learn more about The HERO Program

HERO is the leading energy efficiency financing program in San Diego. Through partnerships with local government, The HERO Program offers affordable financing for a wide array of energy and water efficient products and systems, including more than 50 product categories and 900,000 individual products.


CW6 News BLUE The HERO Hour airs on KOGO AM 600

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