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Grow House Plants Like a Pro in the Summer

Grow House Plants Like a Pro in the Summer

If you’re keeping your house closed up with the air conditioning running this summer to beat the heat, consider adding some house plants to your living spaces, they’re great for filtering out dust and particles that won’t otherwise escape. Learn to grow  house plants like a pro in the summer heat with the latest tips from Tiger Palafox at Mission Hills Nursery.

With hot outdoor temperatures and cooler areas indoors from air conditioning and fans, house plants can be hard to handle in the summer. People have a tendency to overcompensate for the heat and overwater, or think it’s cool indoors and don’t water enough.

When you aren’t running the AC, your house acts like a greenhouse. It can get very hot and humid, which means the plans will need more water. But make sure the water is allowed to drain out from the planter, or the plant could wilt or rot. Conversely, when you are running the air conditioning, be sure to adjust your watering accordingly.

Another step to growing house plants like a pro is to fertilize your plants at least once a month, which will keep the soil healthy and keep your plans looking green throughout the whole year.


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