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Giving Back with Paint

This holiday season, Infinity Painters gave back to the community. They did a paint project for Home Start to give the children a fun chalk wall and brighten up their courtyard. Learn more about Home Start and this amazing project!

Details on ‘Giving Back with Paint’

[Jordan] being a pro in the approved home pros Network is so much more than just helping homeowners I love it when we have stories to share about pros who are giving back to the community as well so I’ve come to a project that infinity painters is working on here with Debbie Carreno the owner and this is home start San Diego an incredible charity for San Diego and you are doing a special project for them tell me about what’s happening here we are

[Debbie] we’re really excited to be part of this organization so when they came to us originally it was for a chalk wall they wanted a place for the kids to be able to come and just draw pictures and share messages with each other and while we were here we decided to add a colorful wall to the project as well it’s really gonna liven up the space

[Jordan] why don’t you share with us what home-start does and what is happening in the space so

[Debbie] home start is an organization that works with moms and babies to help them get a head start on what’s happening in their lives they provide help with housing and education and give them training on how to be good parents and this is a little courtyard that they use with their kids so we thought it would be fun to just make it a little bit more colorful and fun for them to be in it

[Jordan] yes some color!

[Debbie] exactly it’s great for learning it helps their brains develop live-ins the atmosphere so it’s really nice and for those mothers who are either struggling or need to use this program

[Jordan] it adds so much the atmosphere

[Debbie] it does it does we’re so excited to be part of this how did you choose this how did you get involved it’s actually kind of a funny story we were you know being a small business our resources are limited we were looking for something and being a mom I wanted something that involved kids and I actually met mark at a Chamber of Commerce event and he’s like hey we’re looking for some help with the chalkboard wall so it was the perfect opportunity for us

[Jordan] that’s incredible and Mark of course is one of the board members here so he helped you put this all together you came out it’s really just a one-day project it’s so great to be able to see you to give back

[Jordan] mark you are the director of philanthropy here at home start what’s your role at the organization

[Mark] sure well I have the honor of being an ambassador for all the amazing program staff that are really at the forefront of helping the families and children we serve and every day we get to be part of preventing child abuse by strengthening families in their communities

[Jordan] which is just such an incredible mission and I know that’s why Debbie and infinity painters got involved with you how do you feel but also how are the residents gonna feel about the work that’s being done today

[Mark] well I love being part of a place like home start where I occasionally get to see the moms and kids see the babies and I love knowing that they’re gonna grow up in a place that’s comforting and nurturing and just bright and colorful what child wouldn’t want to have a beautiful space like this to play and grow and they’re not gonna have a memory of homelessness this is gonna be their memory one of their earliest memories

[Jordan] which is an incredible memory to replace homelessness with perhaps if someone is out there is interested in getting involved in home start what can they do they should

[Mark] definitely check out our website home – start org we have lots of volunteer opportunities donation opportunities and drives as well as financial support opportunities

[Jordan] thank you so much mark so get involved with home start today and if you want to use a company that works with local organizations like this infinity painters is there for you whenever you need painting for your house that’s interior exterior and you can find more information at Approved Home Pros.