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Garage Floor Coatings Done The Right Way

It’s the time of year where we load and unload a lot of items from the garage. Did you notice the condition of your garage floor? Perkins Custom Coatings shares what you can do if you are unsatisfied with your garage floor.

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Jordan: It’s the time of year that we load and unload a lot of seasonal items from the garage. Did you notice the condition of your garage floor? Paul from Perkins Custom Coatings is here to help if you are unsatisfied. Thanks for joining me today.

Paul: Thanks for having me.

Jordan: The garage is really for most people the main entryway to the house and it can really set a poor tone, correct? If it’s not looking great?

Paul: Absolutely, you might have cracks, and grease stains, and just a general condition of the floor that you’re not happy with. And a garage floor coating is a great way to change that.

Jordan: Yeah, it’s great to know we have options, so when we choose a garage floor coating, what sort of impact is that going to have on the home and everyday life?

Paul: Well, it’s a surface that’s easy to maintain, it’s colorful, and something that, in many cases, can add value to the house. But most importantly, it changes a garage from being a place where you just store things to another room in the house.

Jordan: And the longevity of it as well, you said it really holds up and I know you told me you had a successful customer that called you ten years later.

Paul: Yeah this customer was telling me today how much he loves his floor. We did it almost 10 years ago, and he wants me to do his next floor, but he was specifically saying how easy it is to maintain.

Jordan: And that’s really the key. So when it comes to garage floor coatings, we have all of these beautiful colors available, but there’s multiple products available as well. Why don’t you tell me about some of those?

Paul: Well there’s the traditional epoxy which we sell, but I really prefer the Polyaspartic, which is a newer technology. Much more durable, comes with a much better warranty, and we’ve really been very happy selling it.

Jordan: So we can cover cracks, stains and get rid of all those things when you use the right contractor to do your garage floor coating like Perkins. So what’s that process like?

Paul: Well we like to think that we do things the right way. There’s lots of ways to do a garage floor, but there’s only one right way to do it and that’s how we approach every project.

Jordan: Thanks so much Paul, and when you mention Approved Home Pros you will save 10 percent, up to 500 dollars. So, transform your garage floor today with a coating from Perkins Custom Coatings. Call them at  619-333-8783 for your free consultation. You can also find them on ApprovedHomePros.com for whatever you need for your home.