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Flooring Options For Every Home

If it’s time to update your flooring, you should check out Contract Carpet. They are the experts in flooring and can help you select the best material to fit your needs.

Details On “Flooring Options For Every Home”

Jordan: If it’s time to update your flooring, you should check out Contract Carpet. They have two locations around San Diego. So today I’m here in Carmel Mountain with Nick Dixon and we’re talking all about what’s available here because there’s so much more than just carpet, like the name says.

Nick: We’ve got it all, carpet, wood, tile, vinyl. Pretty much if it goes on the ground, we got it.

Jordan: Which I love, because you both sell the product and then you will do the installation, correct?

Nick: Absolutely.

Jordan: So how do you help us figure out what … there’s so much in here, how do we know what to buy?

Nick: We’re kind of like educators around here more than salespeople, so, someone walks in the door, and we just kind of start gathering info. Do you have kids? Do you have pets? How many people are going to be walking on the floor? And then we kind of know what direction to start steering them.

Jordan: Why are those the questions that are so important?

Nick: Basically we need to know how much of a beating the floor needs to take, so.

Jordan: So it’s about high-traffic versus low-traffic?

Nick: Exactly.

Jordan: Durability, you know, for the kids, you don’t want them falling on something too hard.

Nick: Right, yeah, you don’t want any injuries on the new floors.

Jordan: So what are some good floors for some of these usual scenarios?

Nick: There’s a lot of new floors out there that are water friendly, or water proof. So people that are concerned about the same floor throughout the whole house, going into the kitchen and the bathrooms and not having to change from one product to another.

Jordan: That’s a very popular look right now is to keep the same floor throughout the entire house.

Nick: Yeah people love it, it just kind of makes it big and open, and makes the house feel bigger.

Jordan: Yeah it goes with those open floor plans for sure.

Nick: Yeah.

Jordan: So what about flooring for kids and pets?

Nick: There’s a lot of carpet out there now that stain master calls our pet protect. It’s a solution dyed nylon so the fiber’s the same color all the way through, which makes it more cleanable. So when the “oops”s do happen you can really get after it and get the stain out.

Jordan: For kids and pets, those “oops”s are going to happen, things are going to get spilled, accidents happen.

Nick: They spill the sippy cup and they don’t tell mom when it happened.

Jordan: Sometimes I spill. Maybe I need a stain master carpet.

Nick: Yeah. Coffee stains are pretty common.

Jordan: So we’ve got these two locations, in Encinitas and Carmel Mountain. What are we going to find at each location?

Nick: Basically set up the same way. We do have a warehouse in the back here, so the show room is a little bit shrunk down, but we pretty much offer the same products. If we don’t have one at the other we steal from each other.

Jordan: So no matter what kind of flooring you are looking for, Contract Carpet has a solution for you. Visit one of their showrooms today and go through that educational process to find the perfect flooring for your home. You can find Contract Carpet, both locations, on ApprovedHomePros.com.