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Fire Prevention Tips

Fire safety in your home is important. Lou Manfredini, Ace’s home expert, shares tips to keep you and your family safe in case of a fire. Stop by your local Ace Hardware for any fire prevention products.

Details On “Fire Prevention Tips”

Jordan: Welcome to the Ace Hardware Project Of The Week brought to you by Oceanside Ace Hardware. I’m here with Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert and today he’s teaching us all about fire safety.

Lou: It’s a big one.

Jordan: It’s a big one for the home. 

Lou: This is a big one, it’s the kind of thing, Jordan, that I think that people have to really pay attention to. First off, at your local Ace you’re going to find a full complement of products to help keep you and your family safe. Carbon monoxide detector, smoke detectors, these are things that should be new and in good working order.

Jordan: All the time.

Lou: All the time. Now, what has happened over the years now, you know the big thing with changing batteries. I’d for years talk to people about oh you know, when you change the clocks you change the clocks you change the batteries. 

Jordan: Yeah! 

Lou: Now most of them come up with these ten year lithium ion batteries. This one has one as well. So you put a brand new smoke detector in and in 2018, you’re not going to have to change the entire thing for 10 years. And then you change out the whole thing. So, this is a small investment. Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should be on every living floor of your home. It should definitely be on the outside of where you sleep at night. There are different kinds, this is a tiny little one. You barely know it’s there. 

Jordan: I’ve never seen one that small before. 

Lou: Right, it’s a little smoke detector, but the technology is there to protect you. Now, fire extinguishers are something that I also think every home should have, definitely in the kitchen. This is a small unit that you can place in the kitchen close by. This is a little bit larger unit, this one in particular can be used in marine applications. There are even larger ones. Now there’s a dial up here that you can see that’ll tell you when the fire extinguisher is in the green zone, meaning that it’s properly ready to go. However, there’s a life expectancy on fire extinguishers.

Jordan: They do expire. 

Lou: Every three years you should replace them. Every six months you should go take it and shake it cause there’s a powder in here and it settles and can cake at the bottom, so if you put this on your calendar on your phone, 

Jordan: Yeah.

Lou: And just go shake it and put it there, then you’re ready. Here’s the other thing: Have you ever shot a fire extinguisher before? 

Jordan: Never. 

Lou: No, so when you go to replace it-

Jordan: I should probably learn.

Lou: Take one, the one you’re going to throw out, pull the pin in the garbage can and fire it and shoot it so you know what’s going to happen. Here’s the thing: when you’re using this, if within five seconds you cannot extinguish the fire in your home, drop it, get your family out of the house, call 911.

Jordan:Safety first, always. 

Lou: Safety first. 

Jordan: Thank you so much Lou. Find all of the safety materials you need for fire and carbon monoxide prevention at your local Ace Hardware. You can find a location nearest you at AceHardware.com