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Find the Best Weed Control for Your Lawn

As San Diego keeps getting more and more rain, the weeds keep growing out of control. Tackle weeds with products from Ace Hardware. They have multiple products for all your needs from protecting your garden to keeping weeds away for good.

Details on ‘Weed Control’

[Jordan] Well this year has been unseasonally wet all throughout the year so far, which is leading to incredible flowers and gorgeous blooms but also an increase in weeds and bugs. So here today I’m at Hillcrest Ace Hardware with Harry Schwartz talking all about our options, which is my first keyword we have options when it comes to these problems.

[Harry] We do have options if we start on the weed side. So like you said, with all the rain we received we’ve got lots of stuff growing in our yards, good stuff like lawns and flowers but also weeds as well. So from an option standpoint there’s the Standbys Roundup Weed Be Gone. Others that we’ve been using for years  but there’s a lot of talk nowadays about wanting to get away from some of those chemicals and glyphosates in particular. So we now have an option at Hillcrest Ace Hardware of a weed killer that doesn’t contain those products. So that’s this Pulverize. Pulverize contains other active ingredients that are not glyphosate but the Pulverize products are just as effective in killing all of your broadleaf weeds and other weeds that you’ll find in your flowerbeds and in your lawn etc.

[Jordan] So when you say just as effective are we comparing the same amount of treatments, the same amount of product or is there any kind of difference that we would need to know about how to use them?

[Harry] Well, obviously with any products like these you want to be sure you read the instructions and follow carefully but it’s not something where you’re gonna see a significant difference when you use the pulverize product.

[Jordan] Great I love that Ace Hardware always has so many choices for us. What about on the bug side because the weeds are bringing more bugs and some bugs are good.

[Harry] Some bugs are good and you definitely don’t want to get rid of all your bugs especially in the yard because some of those bugs eat other bugs, which can be harmful. So what we recommend is that you use a barrier product like Home Defense or Orange Guard if you want something a little more natural to spray around the outside of your house to keep the bugs from coming in but then outside you want to be more selective and we recommend the Safer brand which is a non-toxic insect killer and there are specific Safer brand products for each type, whether you have rose and flower or tomato and vegetable or you need an insect killing insecticidal soap.

[Jordan] Okay, so it’s less about totally eradicating all of the bugs than it is just controlling where they’re going to be.

[Harry] Exactly, right. We want to make sure that our yards and our lawns are keeping the good bugs and just keeping them out of the house but controlling if you have a vegetable garden. You don’t want to use all those harsh chemicals.

[Jordan] The Safer brand seems like a really good option.

[Harry] It’s a great choice.

[Jordan]  Awesome. Thank you so much Harry. You can find all of these pest and weed control products available at your local Ace Hardware come down to Hillcrest Ace Hardware today.