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Expand Your Holidays Outdoors

Whether it be an outdoor kitchen to prepare your meal, a fire pit to gather around with family or a pergola to provide shade, System Pavers explains the benefits of being able to celebrate the holidays while enjoying the outdoors.

Details On “Expand Your Holidays Outdoors”

Jordan: One of the benefits of living in Southern California is the opportunity to use our outdoor spaces all year round. Thanksgiving is a perfect example. That’s why System Pavers’ Design Consultant Dan Estell is here. Thanks so much for joining me.

Dan: Hi, glad to be here.

Jordan: What are the benefits of being able to have your Thanksgiving activities both inside and out?

Dan: Well, it’s great because you get to double your living space by utilizing your outdoor living areas. You get to alleviate stress by moving some of your guests on the outside, and then it’s also a great opportunity for your family and friends to entertain themselves and interact.

Jordan: Yeah, and if you have kitchen appliances outside, you can really kind of double your cooking space as well, right?

Dan: Yes.

Jordan: So then, let’s talk about some of these elements, maybe kitchen spaces outside, that we would incorporate to be able to utilize these tips of Thanksgiving outside.

Dan: Well, we offer our grill, and what is good about that is that we have a rotisserie, that you can put your turkey on, for rotisserie turkey, and then we also have burners that can help with meal prep, with gravy, with mashed potatoes and other items like that. We also have our artificial turf, which creates a great space for kids to play on, and to play bocce ball and other sports.

Jordan: Don’t limit me to just the kids, I might want to play bocce ball, too.

Dan: And then we also have pergolas too, that help with shading, and we have our media package with the pergolas, where you can relax, watch TV, watch a Thanksgiving Day parade, and of course, sporting events. And then, we also have, you know, after the meal is done, and everybody’s winding down, we have our wonderful fire pits that everyone can sit around, enjoy themselves as they’re relaxing with a hot cup of coffee, or, hot cup of cocoa.

Jordan: These are really great tips to kind of have a very relaxing and cohesive Thanksgiving Day. What if, say, any of our viewers out there don’t have a space that’s ready to utilize these? There’s a great event that we should invite everyone to so they can get these upgrades made right away.

Dan: Yes, we have a wonderful event today from 1 to 3 p.m. at our Design Center. You can come and meet a great design consultant like myself, I’ll be there, we’re going to have catered food, it’s going to be wonderful, we’re going to have a raffle, we’re also going to have wine tasting from California Wine Club, so you don’t want to miss this event today.

Jordan: And you said the event is today from 1 to 3 p.m. at your System Pavers Design Center. You should visit that event today, or sign up for your free design consultation when you call 619-312-6760, that’s 619-312-6760, and you can always find System Pavers on ApprovedHomePros.com.