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Exclusive Woodworking Projects

If you’re interested in woodworking, Rockler Woodworking & Hardware is the place for you! From exclusive projects to make-and-take classes, they have it all! Tune in to learn more.

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[Jordan] If you’re at all interested in woodworking, Rockler Woodworking & Hardware is the place to go because there is a wide selection of products that you can only get at Rockler. So today I came to check out the selection and learn about them with Mike Durlak, the general manager and these products are incredible and they’re unique to Rockler. So, how is that?

[Mike] So, we’re fortunate to have what I believe is the most talented team of product developers in the whole woodworking industry. And I think everyone will agree after we learn a little bit more about these products.

[Jordan] They’re really ingenious.

[Mike] They are! There’s products that help you do stuff faster, and much, much safer than you could do without them.

[Jordan] Which is good, because unfortunately there’s a lot of dangers that come with woodworking. You have to know what you’re doing and some of these tools make it so much easier and safer like you said. So what is this right in front of us?

[Mike] This is really nice, this is something we’ve had out more recently. And one of the biggest issues is when you’re putting a case together or your making a box that you want to make decorative is how to make it look a little bit different. To make it easier to assemble, you can use simple wooden dolls to highlight your corners and your jointeries. And there’s three different sizes to select from. And the key thing is to make it consistently nice so it comes out nice.

[Jordan] Yes, because you might be able to make one side nice on our own but as soon as you go over to replicate that around the corners of the box that’s where this tool comes in.

[Mike] Yes, and it’s really simple. Once it’s set up and you select the right size, you just simply drill through the hole. Then you take it off, insert a doll, cut it off and sand it. Then you have a beautiful joint.

[Jordan] So these are really designed to save you a lot of time. What are other examples of products we can see on this table?

[Mike] Well, another one is this clamp. If you’re putting some wood on the edge of a shelf and it’s decorative and you want to make it look nice, it’s very difficult to hold it on so these are very simple. They have an elastic band, you put this on and apply pressure, and this is going to stay in place while you’re nailing it on or while you’re glue is setting.

[Jordan] Show me one more.

[Mike] So a lot of woodworkers when they’re mounting a drawer front or cabinets, this is really difficult to do. They slide all over the place, you just can’t get them right the first time. People try double stick tap, all kinds of different things that usually don’t work. This simple jig will hold a face up to your drawer and get it exactly where it needs to be and allows you to fix it.

[Jordan] Thanks so much Mike. So for whatever you need for your woodworking projects, you want to check out the exclusive line at Rockler.