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Easy Way To Reduce The Heat Coming Through Your Windows

Upgrade the energy efficiency of your windows without replacing them. NU-VUE Window Films explains how adding a simple solar film can have a huge impact on the temperature in your home, as well as your wallet. 

Details About “Easy Way To Reduce The Heat Coming Through Your Windows”

Jordan: Upgrade the energy efficiency of your windows without replacing them. Gregg McKay from NU-VUE Window Films is here to explain how adding a simple film can have a huge impact. Gregg, thanks so much for joining me today.

Gregg: Thank you for having me.

Jordan: We’re talking about solar films and they get applied right to your existing windows. How do they reduce the heat that comes in?

Gregg: They reflect the heat out, reflect the harmful rays out, and the heat.

Jordan: And it’s a really noninvasive procedure.

Gregg: No not at all, not at all.

Jordan:  To sound medical about it. So we’re talking about lots of different options, how much impact can it have on the reduction of heat coming in?

Gregg: Well the lighter one that you’re holding up there will reduce up to 50% of the heat from coming through, and the darker one, you’re gonna stop about 84% of the heat from entering the room.

Jordan: Which sounds really impressive, what does that mean in degrees? Or what am I gonna feel in the room?

Gregg: You’re gonna feel about a 10 to 15 degree reduction in your room.

Jordan:  Which is huge!

Gregg: Yep.

Jordan: Especially when we’re talking about the clearer film which you’ll never even notice, it’s essentially invisible when we put it on the window, right?

Gregg: Exactly, yes.

Jordan: So we’re seeing the reduction in degrees in the room which is gonna save us on our utility bills, help our energy efficiency in the home, of course every home is different and there are some other factors that go into that. But how does NU-VUE help us choose the right film for our needs?

Gregg: Well, we’ll come out and do a free consultation, we’ll ask the consumer what their needs are, what they’re trying to accomplish by having window films applied. And then we’ll make a determination, and leave a few samples behind for them to look at and give ’em some pricing.

Jordan: So, depending on the films that we end up choosing, there might be some fringe benefits that go along with it, you mentioned privacy with the darker film that we saw earlier, but also the UV rays are being blocked, and those are the damaging rays that come in and fade the furniture, fade the family photographs.

Gregg: Yes, UV rays are huge, that’s what leads to premature fading of your wood floors, your couches, your brand new couches, your drapes, so you wanna protect all that while your windows are open.

Jordan: And how much of the UV rays are blocked by all of these films?

Gregg: 99.9%.

Jordan: So we’re talking essentially every harmful UV ray that’s out there is being blocked from coming into your home when you add these window films which is gonna preserve those family photographs and your hardwood floors, anything that you care about inside your home, you wanna preserve it.

Gregg: Exactly.

Jordan: And this is a very affordable home improvement, what’s your average job?

Gregg: Average price would be about $700 to $800 per home.

Jordan: And we’re talking no construction, so upgrade your windows today without construction with these heat reducing films from NU-VUE. Call 619-663-3664. You can find NU-VUE and many other top pros at ApprovedHomePros.com.