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E-Cloth: The Healthier Way To Clean

If you are sensitive to harsh chemicals or just don’t like using them in your home, Ace Hardware’s Home Expert, Lou Manfredini explains just how easy-to-use and reliable e-cloths are. You can find e-cloths at your local Ace Hardware.

Details About “E-Cloth: The Healthier Way To Clean”

Jordan: Welcome to the Ace Hardware Project of the Week. Brought to you by Ramona Ace Hardware. I’m with Lou Madfredini, Ace’s Home Expert who’s here to introduce us to a new way of cleaning with the e-cloth.

Lou: Yep, this is chemical-free cleaning. I don’t know if you’d tried any of this, but the invention of microfiber towels is very well known within cleaning fronts. But, the e-cloth is a highly refined microfiber system. The whole idea is that you can clean without any chemicals, So, people that suffer from allergies, or are sensitive to chemicals but need to clean inside their homes. There’s an entire line of the e-cloth products out there, and to give you an example. This is a window cleaning kit but this a general cleaning cloth right here. If I took a piece of raw chicken and I put it on this counter top and then I lifted it up and I just used water, and I wiped this up, 99.9% of the bacteria would be gone. 

Jordan: 99.9% 

Lou: As if I sprayed… 

Jordan: With no chemicals?

Lou: No chemicals and it is proven. It is by the same agency that puts that same 99.9% on the anti-bacterial sprays. So it is certified, now the real kind of magic is in this window cleaning kit. Here I’ve got a mirror, okay, this is a little lip balm right here that I’m just kind of put on there, you know that’s sticky. 

Jordan: That’s what I do with my lip balm all the time. 

Lou: All the time, just put it all over the mirror, but it’s super waxy and sticky.

Jordan: And it happens. 

Lou: This is just a microfiber towel with water, that’s all it is. And, so imagine you’re cleaning the windows in your home, if you got on the car the inside windshield of your car that gets that kind of hazy look to it as you’re driving, you wash it with this and then with the polishing cloth you just polish the glass.

Jordan: That was so incredibly easy. 

Lou: And this is no chemicals whatsoever and I have done this on my own home with the glass in my home and it’s spectacular. I mean, the proof is when I brought these home, the first time to my wife, I go, “These are great.” And she’s like, “I don’t believe it, don’t believe it.” And then in the fall, I went to go clean the windows in our home. And I said, I want to try this out and I went outside, warm water on this, polish the window like this, she came home later in the day, she goes, “What did you use to clean those windows?”, I said, “The e-cloth, I wasn’t kidding.” 

Jordan: And how reusable are they?

Lou: You can use them, what you do now is you want to clean them, you just put them in boiling water and then you let them dry. So you clean them without any chemicals and you can wash them probably 100 times. 

Jordan: Thanks so much, Lou. You can find e-cloth at your local Ace Hardware, visit www.acehardware.com to find the location nearest to you.