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Do Video Cameras Protect My Home?

When it comes to home security, you not only want to ensure that your home is safe but also your family. Richard Mates from Knight Security discuss the effectiveness of video cameras when it comes to home security. Tune in to learn more!

Details on ‘Video Cameras’

[Richard Mates] Hi this is Richard Mates from Knight Security  and this is safe at home some insights into protecting you and your family while you’re at home and a question  get almost on a daily basis is video cameras, are they a good deterrent to burglary and do they help? And absolutely they do there are deterrent to a burglar who might be approaching your home and they give you some insights into what may be happening at your house what time of day did your housekeeper arrived did your kids get home on time and are doing what they’re supposed to be doing is the gardener getting the area on the side of the home so a lot of things you might not think about can be done and you can actually use your smart phone to actually call cameras and see right from your office at any time what’s going on with your cameras so they can be tremendous and if you have any questions on video or any other topic please let me know.