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Discover Tufflex Deck Coatings

A lot happens on your deck, so it’s important to make sure your deck coating is not only durable but also beautiful. Perkins Custom Coatings discusses tufflex deck coatings. Discover this amazing coating today!

Details on ‘Tufflex Deck’

[Jordan] We’ve been having a wet winter so far. Have you noticed your upstairs roof deck leaking at all? Paul from Perkins Custom Coatings is here to help. Typically we know you from your beautiful garage floor coatings with Spartaflex, but today we’re talking about Tufflex deck coatings. Let’s first talk about the warning signs.

[Paul] If a deck is leaking, what are the homeowners going to see? Well in some cases they may have a leak that they notice inside of the home. In some cases you might see some cracking in the deck materials, but the leak hasn’t manifested itself inside the home yet.

[Jordan]  And that doesn’t mean you won’t have a larger problem, so it’s definitely time to pay attention to it, right?

[Paul] Definitely.

[Jordan] So, what can we do with Tufflex and these deck coatings because it’s not just a deck you’re standing on, it’s usually a roof part of the house. These decks are usually over a living room or living space and you really don’t want to have leaks or failures.

[Paul] That’s right, it’s really important to understand that the deck surface that you walk on performs like a roof. And that’s what’s beautiful about this Tufflex material. We have been selling it for quite a while and we’ve found that it’s the perfect product for these applications, it’s very flexible and it has the ability to handle the movement of the outside structure of the home. It will not deteriorate in the sun, it won’t break down when it’s exposed to salt and it has a 650% elongation rating so it will stretch. It also has a lifetime guarantee against cracking.

[Jordan] That’s huge, the lifetime guarantee because that’s unusual for other decking products, right?

[Paul] It is, we just don’t see that with other products out there. That’s why I like selling this material. And of course it looks beautiful, we have some samples here. You can really get that function. You have so many options whether the deck is in really great shape and just has small cracks, you can do repairs. Yes, in some cases if the deck material is completely failing we can remove the old deck material and in other cases if it’s a minor issue we can repair that and actually install the Tufflex over the previous decking material.

[Jordan] Thanks so much Paul. Get your free deck inspection and get it repaired before it’s too late.