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Discover the Tesla Powerwall Today

While solar panels are nothing new to homeowners, battery back up systems may be. SunPower by Milholland discusses the Tesla Powerwall system and the amazing benefits of it. Tune in to discover more!

Details on ‘Tesla Powerwall’

[Jordan] were you affected by a recent power outages or are you worried that you might be affected in the future well there is a solution and you can go solar and add battery backup so I’ve here with Brian Milholland actually at his own home where he lives pretty off-the-grid and he’s very well connected to his solar system with this tesla powerwall system he has behind us Bryan thanks for having us out today tell me about the setup that we have here and what does it do

[Brian] right so I have tesla powerwall is installed at my home because i live in a remote area and i’m affected by power outages when the wind blows yeah so I wanted to make sure that I would be able to stay at home and still have power to run my well so I can have water and and live normally live normally without really having to do much right I don’t have to do anything the Tesla system knows if there’s a storm warning coming it starts preparing making sure that the batteries are fully charged and then when the power does go out it’s instantaneous I don’t even know that the power has gone out a lot of times I I’ll just look outside and see that the power around me has is out or my app will send me a notification saying by the way your power’s out

[Jordan] and so this this big brain system back here that controls all of these things but you have the ultimate control via an app as the home owner as all home owners at home would if they go this right as

[Brian] well right so right on my smartphone I can just go to my Tesla hat which is actually the same as my car app for Tesla and I can control the entire system I can set it up for backup mode I can set it up for energy savings mode time of use mode so that the power walls will actually store my excess solar energy during the low peak periods and then discharge it back into my home saving me money during the high peak periods from the utility

[Jordan] Wow so this is really helping you take control of your energy use and make sure that you’re living normally no matter what’s happening with power outages

[Brian] but it’s great all year long whether or not power outages is around you have three and it’s that based on your solar system size yes that’s that’s based on my solar system size it’s also based on the size of my property I have a well I also have a Tesla car so I want to be able to make sure that I can charge that if the power goes out so typically most homes are going to take to power walls and very quickly you are able to install these on an existing solar system but if you’re also looking to go solar now you can add this to your proposal

[Jordan] yes these are compatible with all solar systems we can go back to systems we’ve already installed and installed power walls or we install them now with the new system from yard thanks so much Brian get your tesla powerwall systems from sun power by mel holland today find more information at approved home pros calm