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Discover More About Energy Rate

Solar is a great investment for your home, but the financing can cause homeowners to hesitate. BVI Solar discusses the energy rate options available for you! Learn which option is right for you, so you can move forward with solar today.

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[Sean] With so many changes happening lately at SDG&E, it’d be confusing to know how much you’re paying and what rate structure you’re under with your power so that’s why Tyler’s here from BVI Solar  still were to help answer these questions for us so tell us, what are the different options or different ways people might be paying for electricity today?

[Tyler] So most customers in San Diego County are under what’s called time of use plans and that is where your electricity between 4 to 9 p.m. is actually a lot more expensive than the other parts of the day and they might be aware of this through the commercials with a cute little Apple watch that says reduce and save all that’s really to say because it’s really expensive during that time

[Sean] And I love that the solution really is when you sit in a darkened room from 4 to 9 you know it’s becoming the end with all our caveman for a period of time

[Tyler] So you don’t over overspend

[Sean] Now, that’s great marketing

[Tyler] So if they’re not under that is there any other options people might be paying under right now some customers might be grandfathered into a plan that doesn’t have the standard time of use but eventually they’ll have to move that’s the plan for the utility and that’s where everyone’s gonna go to now how does solar factor into this so solar produced electricity during the day when the sun’s out and so part of why the timeframe afforded 9 was chosen is because that is when solar tends to not produce electricity the sun is down but also that is when homeowners and consumers tend to use it the most

[Sean] You get home from work you get home from school, you turn on the lights, turn on the TV, you cook dinner

[Tyler] And most people wind down their night around 9:00 p.m. so that is through data showing us the peak time of use throughout the day so it makes sense that people are using more electricity then it used to be that the they were using and during the daytime when the when they’re using air-conditioning it was one of thedrivers but the fact a factor of solar and the amount of electricity it’s producing has really changed some of those dynamics.

[Sean] Does that make sense for people to wait to go solar because of some of these changes with time of use because I’m used to expensive and if you’re paying it’s costing a lot more for electricity a day

[Tyler] It definitely does cost more but the absolution not way and the reason for that is because of this thing called net metering and nem 2.0 so the utility has this protocol net metering where it Purdue charges you one kilowatt hour for for one kilowatt hour produced, however they have the option to adjust that over time. Right now we’re on what’s called nem 2.0 which means that Solar is not as advantageous as it was during that 1.0 but still advantageous it still is advantageous but as people wait longer it’s gonna get less and less advantageous that coupled with reducing tax credits, which means that now is the time to go solar and waiting is only gonna lose your money

[Sean] Absolutely it’s been that way for a while and it’s getting is getting more so if you want a utility company and get in control of your power call BVI solar today if you need to get a similar quote one of them you have to get from BVI solar you owe it to yourself