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Discover Custom Windows

There are so many different windows to choose from with Ameristar Windows & Doors. Discover custom windows sizes and all the unique possibilities offered when you go with Ameristar. Tune in to learn more!

Details on ‘Custom Windows’

[Jordan] Homes come in all shapes and sizes so why should you be restricted to standard window sizing? Ameristar’s made-to-measure windows are available quickly and easily. Conor Loushian is here with me today. Thanks for coming in!

[Conor] Thanks Jordan.

[Jordan] What is a made-to-measure window?

[Conor] Made-to-measure window is when we actually go to the home, we look at the window and decide what profile it needs to be. Is it block fit? Is it retrofit? Is it construction? And what we decide that, we actually measure each individual window so that we can get a proper fit. To make sure it’s tight, it’s sealed correctly, and it’s leak proof because we have an unconditional, life-time warranty for these windows.

[Jordan] Well that’s incredible! So, it’s about measuring to fit the space but also the installation is key?

[Conor] It is, and since we have our own installers, we have our own crew and sales people, it’s kind of a synergy. We make sure that it’s exactly the right window, for the right house and the right fit.

[Jordan] Do you guys guide towards the style of window as well?

[Conor] As we looking at when it fits the space, the profile matches the aesthetics of the house?

[Jordan] That’s a good point, some people look at it as one profile and that’s it.

[Conor] For us, we can even look at houses that are 90 or 100 years old and retrofit those windows so it integrates just like it was 100 years ago.

[Jordan] And that’s amazing because San Diego has so many historic homes and older properties throughout the county.

[Conor] Yeah, and they’re beautiful homes and we love working on them.

[Jordan] So, you said that all the way from manufacturing to installing the window Ameristar is in charge of that window. How does that benefit the homeowner?

[Conor] Because every single step of the way we’re there. If somethings wrong and say there’s water damage or we find something that we have to repair, make it smaller or larger, we can call the factory and have it made that day and install it that day so that the process doesn’t get stopped. So at the end of the day, they have their windows and their sealed properly.

[Jordan] That’s incredible and you want to have a properly sealed window because what are the dangers of having a window that isn’t properly sealed?

[Conor] Oh, tremendous damage- mold to your house, drywall gets destroyed, it’s tremendous cost that can be tens of thousands of dollars.

[Jordan] So, you want to make sure that windows is measured properly so it can be installed correctly. Thanks so much Conor, with made-to-measure windows from Ameristar you know you’re getting the perfect fit for every single window. Call them today at 760-269-8616.