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Discover all the Big Green Egg Accessories Today

The Big Green Egg is not just a one of a kind grill, it’s your go to for cooking delicious food from paella to cake. The Big Green Egg has countless accessories to help you cook your favorite foods easily. Discover all the Big Green Egg accessories today at your local Ace Hardware.

Details on ‘Big Green Egg Accessories’

[Jordan] Well I’ve taken you to Ace Hardware before where there is a great selection of grills including the Big Green Egg,  which we’ve talked all about but today I’m here with Harry Schwartz at Hillcrest Ace Hardware talking all about the accessories that you can use to enhance your grilling experience because Harry it’s no longer just about burgers and hot dogs on the grill.

[Harry] That’s right there are so many different things you can do on the grill these days from baking to braising to smoking etc but really the key is to have the right accessories.

[Jordan] And I can see this giant wall of beautiful products behind us.  What should we dig into today?

[Harry] Right so Big Green Egg is a great one for different accessories that you can use on their comodo style grills, you can do everything from pizza- we have pizza stones now along with the pizza peelers to take them off the grill and pizza cutters etc so you can make pizza right on your grill which is a great! And what’s become real popular is stir-fry and woking on  the grill so you can do vegetables, you can do chicken and beef just like you would do inside your kitchen- you can now do them out on your grill and enjoy the outside weather while you’re doing.

[Jordan] And it’s summertime so that’s a  great time to be doing that.

[Harry] The Big Green Egg is so versatile you can even use a Dutch oven to cook your stews and vegetables and other things that you would make maybe even an apple cobbler.

[Jordan] Never would have thought of that, it just it doesn’t seem to go but everything here is purposely designed for the Big Green Egg it is made to work together that’s exactly right so great lineup a lineup of accessories and great girls to go with it all right thank you so much Harry come to Hillcrest Ace Hardware and get your selection of Big Green Egg accessories and get creative with your grill today