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Choosing Building Materials for New Construction

When building a new home or taking on a new construction project, the possibilities for design are endless. Thompson Building Materials General Manager Derek Pritchett walks us through the process of building his new North Park home with design inspiration and products from Thompson.

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[Sean] So I’m back here atThompson Building Materials again with my good friend, Derek Pritchett, and we talked a little while back and you were still in the process of building your home. Frustrated a little while, all right.

[Derek] A little longer than we wanted, yeah.

[Sean] But you’re done now, you’re in the home, how does it feel?

[Derek] It feels really good and we’re really happy with a lot of the decisions that were made here. Some took a little longer to make, but in the end it turned out really great.

[Sean] So the time was well-worth the investment, in your opinion, what you got at the end?

[Derek] Absolutely, that’s why it’s important to get started on that selection process early, so you don’t find yourself in a situation where something might not be available and you find yourself settling on somethin’ else that you maybe didn’t want, so put some thought to it early and get down there and make some decisions.

[Sean] Now normally the people who work with you don’t have to deal with delays. I bet it’s kind of a situation with the cobbler’s kid is the last one to get shoes. So were you kind of a little bit of that going on.

[Derek] Yeah, but it’s seasonal, also, so if the quarries are somewhere where there’s snow and they can’t get in to get the stone out, then it’s not available.

[Sean] Oh, that makes sense.

[Derek] So it’s what time of year you’re building, and what type of materials you’re going to be needing.

[Sean] Also, how specific you are with color, style, profile, that type of thing. Your home has so many great features to it that you actually had people coming from Thompson to look at it as an example, right?

[Derek] Yeah, yeah, we have. We’ve used it as a little bit of a sales tool, but we’ve since built the displays showcasing the same materials and installation techniques down on display at the yard.

[Sean] So that’s the keep people away from Derek’s home strategy, which that makes sense.

[Derek] That’s our approach.

[Sean] But your home is in the historic core here in San Diego so it’s a beautiful home an a beautiful neighborhood. But people can come here and see the similar types of installations?

[Derek] Those and more, absolutely.

[Sean] Now that you’ve been in the home for a little while what are two of three of your favorite elements?

[Derek] Well, we like the natural stone into the front door here. We have the natural stone on the front entry and then we have it continuing as you come through the front door and go up the staircase. And it’s a cathedral ceiling here.

[Sean] It’s impactful, beautiful.

[Derek] It’s impressive.

[Sean] Anything else that sticks out to you?

[Derek] Probably the use of the brick risers on the stairs. You don’t really see brick used as a veneer in the staircase. Typically you have it in a wall or a floor or paving, but just different, unique application.

[Sean] Well, that’s something I love about Thompson Building Materials is you’re going to help guide people to use an application they might not have thought of before and have so many options for people. So if you’re going to do any kind of a building and remodeling project, go ahead and come down to Thompson Building Materials. They make it friendly, it’s easy, they’ve got a greeter that’ll welcome you and just guide you through the entire process and you can have the best home on your block.