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Check Out the New Yard Tools

Father’s Day is right around the corner, do you have your dads gift yet? Head over to Ace Hardware now to pick out the perfect gift, like the new selection of cordless power tools!

Details on ‘New Yard Tools’

[Jordan] Father’s Day just around the corner and if your dad is a do-it-yourselfer we’ve got all kinds of outdoor battery-powered tools. So today I’m here at Ace Hardware in Hillcrest with Harry Schwartz talking about what our options are because this product line is really brand new and really cool.

[Harry] Right it is brand new from Steel and steel is the number one brand when it comes to outdoor power equipment and prior to now everything’s been gas powered or some electric where you have to plug it in but they’ve recently come out with a line that’s battery-operated and includes all your traditional outdoor power equipment tools whether it’s a weed whacker or a blower or a trimmer or even a lawn mower literally anything you can think of for the yard now being battery-operated gets rid of the need for having to go refill the gas and the smell of the gas bad for the environment and the noise so you don’t have to have those loud blowers blowing leaves everywhere.

[Jordan] The battery-powered equipment is much quieter and obviously much better for the environment- we’re not using gasoline.

[Harry] Our batteries are rechargeable and interchangeable among tools which is a great feature so you can buy a couple of different tools and even have one battery move it around from tool to tool.

[Jordan] Oh I like that too because what I’m thinking of of the electric versions which are also a little bit better than the gas powered ones but you’re still you’re bound by that cord and now here we have the freedom to clean the law and explore the lawn.

[Harry] Right, we even have chainsaws that are battery-powered now. And that’s all coming from the Steel line.

[Jordan] Wow, okay so let’s just talk about the versatility and and what are the maybe top two or three that should get paired together or how do we choose which one’s right for dad?

[Harry] So typically, everyone usually has a weed whacker so that would be a good place to start if you have a big lawn a lawn mower is a great investment can be a lifetime investment especially now that they’re battery powered.

[Jordan] So weed whacker lawn mower and maybe a blower is where I would look at starting all right one or all three depending on how much you want to spoil dad this year you can check out these battery-powered outdoor tools at your local Ace Hardware specifically come check us out at Hillcrest Ace Hardware today