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How to Get a Year-Round Green Lawn »

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Everyone wants a beautiful, green lawn but the upkeep can be a hassle. With Four Seasons Lawn Aeration, they take the hassle out of it and keep your lawn looking beautiful with PermaGreen! Tune in to learn more.

Why You Should Choose Artificial Turf »

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Artificial turf not only looks great, but also saves you money on your water bill. Dreamgardens introduces the different turf options available and the advantages to them. Discover which option is best for you!

Learn How to Protect Your Turf From Burning »

SATURDAY, JULY 6, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Turf is a great alternative to grass, but did you know it can burn? Light refracting off your windows onto your turf can damage not only the turf but also your other landscape. Superior Window Solutions has the solution to help you protect your turf today.

Find the Best Weed Control for Your Lawn »

SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS As San Diego keeps getting more and more rain, the weeds keep growing out of control. Tackle weeds with products from Ace Hardware. They have multiple products for all your needs from protecting your garden to keeping weeds away for good.

How PermaGreen Can Help Your Lawn »

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS San Diego is greener than ever thanks to recent rains but that also means weeds are growing uncontrollably. Learn how to not only kill weeds but also keep them from coming back with Four Seasons Lawn Aeration, Inc.

Using PermaGreen to Control Weeds »

SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 2019 on ABC 10NEWS After an abnormally wet winter here in San Diego, weeds seem to be out of control! Dominic from Four Seasons discusses using PermaGreen Weed Control to eliminate weeds, while keeping your lawn alive and healthy.

The Ultimate Lawn Aerator Tool »

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2018 ON ABC 10NEWS Are you having a hard time keeping your lawn green? You might need lawn aeration. Four Seasons Lawn Aeration introduces us to the Truly Holey, a tool, created by the owner, that aerates your lawn.

How Robotic Automated Lawn Mowers Work »

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2018 ON ABC 10NEWS Is mowing your lawn a chore you could live without? Mission Hills Nursery debuts the Husqvarna Automower, a robot that mows your lawn automatically! This robotic lawn mower mows your lawn so you don't have to.

History of San Diego’s Landscape »

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2018 ON ABC 10 Approved Home Pros follows the story of how Kate Sessions, the mother of Balboa Park, helped establish the landscape that all of San Diego enjoys today. She founded Mission Hills Nursery in order to share her passion for plants with the public.

How To Revive Your Lawn »

SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2018 ON ABC 10 If there was something that could keep your lawn lush and green, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Four Seasons Lawn Aeration checks in to explain what lawn aeration is and how it can help your lawn. They share how this simple and affordable solution can help you maintain a beautiful lawn.