Repairing a Torn Window Screen – Easy Home Repairs

Repairing a Torn Window Screen – Easy Home Repairs »

A quick and easy do it yourself home project is repairing a torn window screen. For a small hole or tear you can use a self-adhesive patch available from your neighborhood Ace Hardware store.  But, for a larger tear, you’ll need to re-screen the frame. 

How To Fix Running Toilet »

<<< SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> One of the most common and annoying problems with your toilet is the simplest to fix yourself.  It’s often referred to as a “running” toilet. If your toilet is “running” or continuously in refill mode, it is a very easy do it yourself project.

Summer Painting Tips »

<<< SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> Evoke the summer sunshine all through the winter season with these Summer painting tips from Ace Hardware.

Basic Tools for Household Projects »

Some new home owners are interested in doing their own home maintenance and repairs, but don’t know where to start. In this Ace Hardware Project of the Week, we're helping you organize basic tools for household projects.

How To Fix A Garbage Disposal »

<<< SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> The disposal is a finicky household appliance and everyone should know, at least a little bit about how to fix a garbage disposal when it clogs. There are some simple things you can do to keep garbage disposal clogs to a minimum.

New LED Light Bulb Technology

New LED Light Bulb Technology »

There's new LED light bulb technology on the market to learn about, which makes it a great time to upgrade the bulbs in your home.

Grill Trends for Summer 2017

Grill Trends for Summer 2017 »

It’s grilling season and there are two hot grill trends to be aware of.  First, there has been a wood-fired revolution in grills and Ace has the leading brand.

Prime Before You Paint

Prime Before You Paint »

All quality paints are now considered "paint and primer in one." Even so, there are still times when you should prime before you paint, even when using good quality paints.  he "paint and primer in one" rage that hit the market a few years ago has created confusion for the customer, as they think they no longer need to use a primer. However there are many painting projects where a primer definitely should be used.  

This Year’s Hottest Grills »

Ace Hardware is the place for everything grilling.  They have the best brands, the biggest assortment, and all of this year's hottest grills.

Pool Chemistry Made Easy

Pool Chemistry Made Easy »

The upcoming Memorial Day weekend is the traditional kick-off to "outdoor season," which means now is the time to start getting your outdoor living area ready, beginning with your pool or spa.

Restore a Gift For Mom This Mother’s Day

Restore a Gift For Mom This Mother’s Day »

Generally, it’s a time-consuming, messy task to prep the furniture for new paint, but this Ace Hardware Project of The Week makes it easy to restore a gift for mom this Mother's Day.