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Cantor’s Corner: Artificial Turf

Cantor’s Corner: Artificial Turf

Presented by Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

Gregg Cantor Headshot Smallby Gregg Cantor
Resident Expert, The Home Pro Show
President, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

Did you know artificial turf guarantees a green lawn all year round and puts money in your pocket? Today, I want to talk about the advantages of choosing artificial turf over natural sod.

There are many different types of types of synthetic turf to choose from, and each is tailored for different applications like backyards, playgrounds, putting greens. There are even pet-friendly options.

Looks Great

Don’t underestimate the importance of a professional installation either. Installed properly, it is hard to tell the difference between synthetic turf and natural sod. You might find yourself looking once, twice, or even bending down to touch a lawn before you know it’s artificial.

Save Water

Especially in San Diego’s serious drought, it’s important to cut back on excess water use. With synthetic turf, you can have a beautiful, lush green lawn all year round while drastically lowering your water bill.

Less Maintenance

Save time and energy with an artificial lawn, as turf requires virtually no maintenance because there is no mowing, weeding or fertilizing.

You can take advantage of rebates and incentives for replacing natural lawns with synthetic turf too.

In just a few days, you can have beautiful new lawn to enjoy with your family and friends. To find out how affordable synthetic turf is, contact one of our Approved Home Pros.

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