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Can You Feel The Cold Coming In From Your Windows?

When you walk by your windows, can you feel the cold coming in from inside? Best Value Glass shares how windows work to insulate your home.

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Sean: When you walk by your windows, can you feel the cold come in from the outside? Steve Welsh from Best Value Glass is here to explain how windows should help insulate your home. Steve, glad to be with you today.

Steve: Great to be here. Great to be here.

Sean: Now, I’ve definitely felt the cold come in from the outside, generally in older homes. Is it older window technology that’s causing that, or?

Steve: Well, it is, and the older technology was always single pane windows and aluminum frames, and the newer technology is either vinyl or fiberglass frames that does not conduct the heat nearly as much with dual pane glass.

Sean: So the frame, that’s a key point. Aluminum, you use it for cooking materials, so it definitely conducts heat and cold, you don’t want that as a frame.

Steve: You don’t for both the reasons, the heat and the cold. It conducts that and it’s not a great insulating product.

Sean: So what do you use instead today?

Steve: So today it’s either fiberglass or vinyl, is the best. They don’t conduct any heat at all.

Sean: And let’s talk about the windows themselves, the panes of glass.

Steve: So the panes of glass, so there’s an outside pane and an inside pane and a spacer between, and on the outside pane, there’s Low-E glass. And Low-E glass you can get two coat or three coat for better energy efficiency. And no matter what, if you buy a window, make sure you get Low-E glass.

Sean: What does that do? What is the Low-E glass?

Steve: What it does is it, in the summertime, it keeps the heat out, and in the wintertime, it keeps the cold out.

Sean: Does it reflect UV as well?

Steve: And it reflects UV rays from harming your carpet, your drapes.

Sean: Your hardwood floors.

Steve: And your floors.

Sean: Or photographs, any of those things.

Steve: And your furniture.

Sean: And your furniture.

Steve: So this is a product that is really necessary on any window.

Sean: Now dead air is a great insulator. Is that one of the other things, the reason for the dual pane?

Steve: Yes, yes, the dead air really helps with the comfort of the home and the efficiency of the home and, again the sound. We can do different things on these pieces of glass also, but the sound, it really is a huge difference.

Sean: Thanks so much, Steve. Visit Best Value Glass showroom on Winter Gardens Boulevard in Lakeside, and let them help keep you comfortable all year long. Their showroom is beautiful. You can call them also today at 619-419-0023, or find them at ApprovedHomePros.com.