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Breaking Down Solar Cells

We are all familiar with the look of solar panels, but do we really know what’s inside? SunPower by Milholland Electric breaks down two different solar cells and compares the two. Discover the cell inside your solar panel today.

Details on ‘Breaking Down Solar Cells’

[Jordan] Not all solar panels have the same technology inside of them so today Brian Milholland from SunPower by Millholand is here with me to break down solar cells to see the differences. This is a really exciting demo, thanks for coming in to share with me.

[Brian] Thanks for having me here.

[Jordan] Solar cells are basically just what’s inside of a solar panel so what do we need to know about them?

[Brian] Right so solar cells are the vehicles that convert sunlight into electricity so what I have here today is a SunPower cell which is the highest efficient cell in the world, if you see the airplanes flying around the world? This is what they have on there because this cell is so efficient at turning sunlight into power.

[Jordan] That’s an impressive solar panel right there.

[Brian] Well SunPower has over 700 patents so they have more technology, it’s all they do. And this cell has a copper backsheet which makes it very flexible, as you can see. So, when it’s out in the environment and expanding and contracting it’s going to last over time and SunPower believes in this cell so much that they give it a 25 year warranty and 92% rating so after 25 years they guarantee this is still going to produce 92% electricity.

[Jordan] That’s incredible and I see that the front of them, they look very different on the front. Talk to me about that.

[Brian] Right, so this is a conventional cell, without the SunPower technology they have to put the lines on the front of the cell, which that impedes the sunlight hitting the cell and that’s just one of the things that leads to a lower efficiency. This is just an aluminum past on the cell itself so if I try to flex it, when I bend it just snaps right in half.

[Jordan] Well it not only snaps but it shatters, look at that. So that was a very small amount of expansion and contraction and when you think about when that’s on our roof, that can happen very easily.

[Brian] It could and that’s what’s going to lead to problems with conventional solar cells.

[Jordan] And I want you to repeat, the SunPower panel has a 92% guarantee.

[Brian] Yes, so SunPower has a performance guarantee. They say that after 25 years the entire system on your roof is still going to produce 92% of the possible power.

[Jordan] That is incredible, when you are going solar you want the best and in San Diego that is SunPower by Milholland with the SunPower solar and these magical cells. Call them today  at 619-320-7373.