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Work Safe With 3M and Ace Hardware

Work Safe With 3M and Ace Hardware

We are in the middle of 3M Mania with Ace Hardware and The Home Pro Show.  So, today, we are going to talk about a very important part of the 3M product line…their safety products.

Too often, weekend warriors head out to battle the ever-growing “honey do” list without taking safety into consideration.  Any emergency room physician will tell you that a great many weekend ER visits are caused by people working on their home, without taking proper precautions.  When you watch pros on the job you will notice they use safety equipment and take proper precautions…so should you.

3M makes several great products to help you stay safe.  Some of the most important are respirators, hearing protection and eye protection.

Respirators should be used anytime you are potentially dealing with airborne particulates or chemical vapors.  Sanding, demolition and painting are a few examples of times to use a respirator.

Hearing protection is often overlooked, but should be worn when using power tools, working with engines or any loud noises.  Hearing is damaged by repeated exposure to loud noise, so protection is essential.  And, with 3M, it is easy.

Eye protection is absolutely essential with almost any project around the house.  Use eye protection when working with power tools or anytime that anything can come near your Ace or eyes.  When in doubt, put on the protection.

Head to your local Ace Hardware to pick up your 3M safety products.  The helpful team at Ace will answer any of your questions and connect you with what you need.

When you are there, make sure to play 3M Mania.  When you purchase any 3M product at a participating Ace location, you get an entry slip for a chance at $500 in prizes from Ace and 3M.  The contest runs through July 13th.  No purchase necessary.  Log on to approvedhomepros.com for details.

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