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Women In Pest Management

Sue Fries, The Termite Lady shares the story of how she became a leader in a male dominated business. She shares how she took over Ecola Termite & Pest Control Services and used how she used her knowledge of being a mother to change the pest control industry.

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Sean: So, today I’m here with Sue Fries, the Termite Lady from Ecola Termite & Pest Control and the Termite Lady is an interesting title I’m sure you get that a lot but you are a rare woman in a mainly male dominated industry in pest control.

Sue: Yes.

Sean: Was that difficult for you coming up in the industry?

Sue: Absolutely, it was difficult, but the way I started out is I started out answering the phones just listening to the needs and I also realized who the customer was, who was the person that was actually making the phone call and scheduling and figuring out is this safe, is this going to work for us? I’m concerned about my kids. I’m concerned about my animals. Mostly about the animals more than the kids, I thought that was interesting. But I realize it’s because we, we pay closer attention to our children than we do our pets, we open the door and let them out and so I just started realizing what the needs were and me being a mother and me being a woman and a wife I realized that I could relate so much with the people that were calling.

Sean: So you were able to design a company and approach as a woman and a mother because it’s mostly women that our research shows. 70-80% of all home improvements decisions and maintenance decisions are made by the woman of the home, so you were able to speak directly to them when maybe others in the industry were less equipped to do so.

Sue: Absolutely, because I could relate to them so much more and a happy wife, a happy life I hear.

Sean: Is part of that the approach that you have that is not one size fits all and also maybe not using as many chemicals and more natural approach sometimes?

Sue: Absolutely. We are the green company and we have the niche of being there and using alternative treatments that aren’t using chemicals and so when you have options like that and it can take care of the problem why would somebody choose anything else? If we can do it, why not?

Sean: Yeah and I know Ecola cares and it’s mother approved. Those are the two things that I hear you say all the time and it’s very very true. Quickly, would you recommend that other young ladies get into the trades if their considering a career?

Sue: Absolutely. You know, I don’t think anybody in our industry wakes up one day and says “I want to be in the bug business,” but I can tell you it’s been wonderful for me and I would even put it out there that if anybody is interested, get in contact with me and I will be happy to mentor.

Sean: Thanks Sue, that’s great advice. Call Ecola today or you can find them at ApprovedHomePros.com/Ecola.