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Window Films Prevent Fading

Have you noticed fading on your floors or photos? The sun can often cause fading to your belongings over time. NU-VUE Window Films shares how their films prevent the harmful UV rays from entering your home.

Details On “Window Films Prevent Fading”

Sean: So, normally at Approved Home Pros we’re out at other people’s houses. But today we’re in my own home with good friend Gregg McKay from NU-VUE Window Films. Gregg, glad you’re here.

Gregg: Thank you for having me Sean.

Sean: Well, I’m especially glad you’re here not just ’cause you’re a great friend and a great pro but because our floors were suffering, were fading our photographs we had up in an area on the hallway the sun was fading those, it was hot in here. And you’re solving those problems with window films.

Gregg: Yes, yeah. We had a light film that we installed on your windows it’s going to block 50% of the heat, 50% of the glare. And most impressively 99.9% of the UV rays from coming in.

Sean: So, the UV rays, is that what was fading our floors and our photographs?

Gregg: Yes. That’s what causes the most damage, causes about 40% of the damage.

Sean: Yeah, it was amazing what the damage that was done to the floor. And you wouldn’t think, I mean the dogs had part of to do with that. But I think you can just see the fading and the photographs just tremendously faded. How about furniture? Will that also be an area that we can see fading avoided?

Gregg: Yeah definitely. Just having that 99.9% UV protection helps prolong the materials from premature fading in any case.

Sean: The heat is another big factor. Because in the stairwell where we had a lot of the window film put in and also our bedroom, hot during the day. What were you nervous there?

Gregg: Well, you’re going to notice its going to drop down about 50, I’m sorry, it’s going to cut 50% of the heat and you’re going to notice about a five to 10 degrees difference in the heat as you walk up the stairs.

Sean: I’d like a 50 degree lower temperature ’cause I like it like a meat locker but I don’t think that would be good for Heather, so. But, I’ll take the five degrees. New View window films, you service the entire area, we hugely endorse you, you’re a wonderful company. Anybody out there that’s having similar trouble they, you can come to them and do a free estimate and figure out what they need right?

Gregg: Oh, definitely, we’ll bring our gauges out there. We’ll meter how much UV’s coming through the windows. Hold the films up, give em samples and make the best recommendation for them.

Sean: Well, it’s something I highly recommend. If you need window films or your floors or anything is fading, NU-VUE Window Films can solve all of the troubles for you. You can find them at ApprovedHomePros.com