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Why You Need A Fire Feature In Your Backyard

Fire features are a popular and powerful design element that adds something special to your outdoor space. System Pavers introduces us to a variety of great options for fire features.

Details About “Why You Need A Fire Feature In Your Backyard”

Jordan: Fire features are a popular and powerful design elements so here to share all about the many options we have for fire features and how to functionally include them in your outdoor space, is Luke Merrill from System Pavers. Thank you so much for joining me today!

Luke: Thanks for having me Jordan.

Jordan: Why is it that fire features are so impactful and everybody wants one?

Luke: Well they are just a great natural focal point of an outdoor space, a natural gathering point for friends and family to create great memories.

Jordan: So, what are the options that we have, when it comes to choosing a fire feature?

Luke: Well, we have fire pits, we have fire bowls, and fire places.

Jordan: So three different, you know genres, let’s, tell me a little bit more about what falls under each of those.

Luke: Well with fire pits they’re a very customizeable, we start from scratch when we build those. So, they’re usually squared or rectangular or round. Fire bowls typically will come more circular or round. They do come squared or rectangular. But they’re precast, and very modular, where fire places are typically towards the perimeter of the property, or towards the outdoor living room, to maximize space for gathering space around them.

Jordan: That makes perfect sense. So, as a designer I know you can give homeowners whatever it is that they want. That’s the mission statement of System Pavers. But how do you feel, as the designer, about incorporating fire features? What’s it like? 

Luke: Every time I get a chance, I will incorporate a fire feature. It’s something that I’ll start with, and design around, and I realized that it’s one of the elements, that people and families use more often than the others, so to maximize usage I will always recommend doing a fire feature or fire place to start with. 

Jordan: Do you have to have a certain amount of space of which to incorporate a fire feature in your yard?

Luke: Good question. No you don’t, it’s better if you do have some space to work with, but we have, I have a small little beach house that we just put a little fire bowl in and it tends to be the place everybody gathers around and goes towards.

Jordan: Thanks so much! Call System Pavers today, and when you mention Approved Home Pros, you will save 20% off your outdoor makeover. Those are huge savings, and now is the perfect time to realize your design goals and reap those benefits of having a fire feature.