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Why Window World is J.D. Power Awards Approved

Window World has won four J.D. Power Awards and is aiming to win number five this year! From customer service to the durability of the product, Window World delivers on the five categories the award is judged on. Watch the video to learn what else makes them so great!

Details on ‘J.D. Power Awards’

[Jordan] You often hear companies tout that they have won the J.D. Power Award, but what does that really mean? Today I’m here with J.D. Power Award winner, Gene Bryan, from Window World. So thanks for being with me.

[Gene] Oh, thank you for having me.

[Jordan] And I hear that you guys have won multiple times, the highest in customer satisfaction when it comes to windows and patios, patio doors.

[Gene] We have. It’s very, very exciting. We have four awards, we’ve won four out of the last six years.

[Jordan] That’s incredible.

[Gene] Oh it’s unbelievable, it’s a great thing to have.

[Jordan] And what does that mean for the homeowner? What are you judged on? What is it that they have recognized in Window World, that made you award worthy?

[Gene] Well you know, it’s kind of funny, J.D Power, everybody kind of sees it on TV, all the different commercials that they have with J.D. Power Award winners. We’re one of those, which is really neat.

[Jordan]  Four times.

[Gene] But J.D. Power rates it in five different categories is how they look at it. Basically what they do is appearance and design.

[Jordan] Okay, one.

[Gene] That’s one of the categories they look at. Operation performance and durability of the product.

[Jordan] Great.

[Gene] Ordering and delivery of the product is another. And then price paid for products and services received, which is where we really shine because we have a very high quality window that we sell for a very reasonable price.

[Jordan] Absolutely.

[Gene] And then fifth one is warranty. Which we have one of the greatest warranties there are. We take care of everything on our window, no matter what, for the life of the house. So once you put your windows, our windows in your home, you never have to replace them again.

[Jordan] Well that’s incredible. Those are five categories, because you breezed over the first three. But even the service and delivery, the quality of the product is so high as well. And let’s talk about how you’re able to offer such great pricing, because I know it comes down to volume. And Window World is such a big name.

[Gene] It does, we sell over 1.4 million windows a year. So if you’re a window manufacturer, you can imagine, you’d love to sell to us because we sell the most windows in the country.

[Jordan] So how do you do that?

[Gene] You have to give us really good pricing to get our business. So we get great prices on high quality products.

[Jordan] Right and because great pricing can often be a red flag if you’re getting a deal that seems to good to be true. But I love that that is absolutely not the case with Window World. A great price is really just and exceptional value as well.

[Gene] Exactly, it’s the size of our company and the power of our buying.

[Jordan] So let’s see if we’re going to win some of these awards in the future. I’m sure, because it talks about longevity. You’ve won four in the last six years which means consistency.

[Gene] And I’m looking for next year already.

[Jordan] Thanks so much Gene. When you’re looking for new windows, you want Window World’s award winning products and services. Find them today on approvedhomepros.com.