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Why Reborn Cabinets Stands By Their Principles

If a company has been around for 35 years, you know they’re doing something right. Reborn Cabinets shares how their founder’s principles have shaped the company and why they take pride in them. 

Details About “Why Reborn Cabinets Stands By Their Principles”

Jordan: If a company’s been around for 35 years, you know they’re doing something right. That’s exactly the story with Reborn Cabinets. So, David Dahlin is here to help share what gives Reborn its staying power. So, thanks for joining us today. Why don’t you share what Reborn does for the community.

David: Well, we’re a remodel company. We specialize in new cabinets. We specialize in minor remodels where we reface the cabinets and we also do one day bath solutions.

Jordan: So, that minor remodel is those quicker transformations with a little bit less invasive home improvement.

David: That’s what people really love about it, yes.

Jordan: So, we’re here to celebrate 35 years and obviously Reborn is doing some great things. Founded by Vinny Nardo 35 years ago, the most important principle that the company runs on is the Vinny principle. What is that?

David: Absolutely. So, Mr. Nardo has the principle that when we go out to a customer’s home, we treat that home as if it was our own. And then we treat those people in the home as if they are family members. So, that’s from the very start of the project. When somebody goes out to measure through the completion of the installation and everything.

Jordan: What are some of those examples of treating the home like it’s their own?

David: Well, when our installers go in, for instance, they will put this screen up to seal the kitchen area off so that the dust is all contained within that area. They’ll put protective wear on their feet so that they’re not trampling through the house. They’ll put runners down on the floors. They’ll protect all the appliances so that everything is done in a very efficient way.

Jordan: I love that and now we’re celebrating 35 years. There’s an incredible promotion. Approved Home Pros has teamed up with Reborn to help offer viewers out there a $500 gift certificate to every body.

David: Yes. So, if they come in to our showroom, they will present that certificate and they’ll get that $500 off any project that they do but, they also get an instant cash reward if the number on the certificate matches up with the number that we have in the showroom.

Jordan: So, ApprovedHomePros.com/reborn is where you would go to get your absolutely free, $500 gift certificate. Take it into the Reborn showroom to see if your code is an instant cash winner. Where’s the showroom? What are the hours? What do we need to know?

David: So, we’re open seven days a week. Our showroom is located on Mira Masa Blvd. On the corner of Flanders and Mira Masa. The address is 6615. Please come in. Take a look at everything that we have. We can help you with everything you could want.

Jordan: So, visit David and the team today. Log on to ApprovedHomePros.com/reborn or stop by the showroom today to get your free $500 gift certificate. And check out your cash code to see if it’s a winner.